Best Pick: Sidmool Goodspot Cream

Best Pick Sidmool Goodspot Cream

Sidmool’s Goodspot Cream is something of a wonder for bringing down blemish that has just revealed itself. When paired with Dr. Troub Skin Returning Zinc Cream, red spot disappeared almost overnight, and with continued use over the next few days, it has all but disappeared. Faint mark, but nothing that can’t be easily covered with even the sheerest makeup. If you prefer to bring down pimple rather than dry it out or draw it to a head faster, it is the spot treatment for you!

The Goodspot Cream isn’t your traditional blemish spot treatment — there’s no salicylic acid (or any exfoliating acids), retinoids, tea tree oil, or drying agents. It’s pregnancy-safe and suitable for even the most sensitive skin. The white ointment leaves no residue and has no fragrance or unpleasant chemical odour. It’s thick and emollient but spreads easily without “slipping” —  a little product goes a long way (apply after serum and/or moisturiser but before Dr. Troub Skin Returning Zinc Cream). It isn’t drying at all, in fact, it actually soothes and calms aggravated skin.

Best Pick Sidmool Goodspot Cream ingredients
Screenshot from Sidmool’s product page

Goodspot Cream is ₩16,800 for 30ml from Sidmool and there’s always seems to be a ‘1 + 1’ (aka buy 1 get 1 free) offer going — unfortunately, its website is in Korean and it ships within Korea only. But you can still buy it online from Sidmool with international shipping for the same price (and offer!) through GMarket and 11street. Alternatively, eBay has it for US$16.55+ for a tube.

NOTE: if you cannot read Korean, don’t confuse this with Sidmool’s Spot Ointment that’s 40g. It’s a transparent, somewhat oily ointment for keeping wounds (like popped pimples) moisturised and protected — it has completely different ingredients and functions. Both products have very similar packagings and they both simply say “Spot Ointment” in English on the front.

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