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Best Pick: Quantum Hydrox Repair Skin Fuel Night Crème Gel

Quantum Hydrox’s skincare is a bit of a diamond in the rough; it doesn’t inspire much confidence from the outside so you expect it to be just as crap on the skin. (Just look at the packaging! The plastic jar is plain, cheap-looking, but that isn’t the main issue — it’s the unusually fuzzy, faint print. My 15-year-old home fax machine printer has better print quality than this.) But then you use it and it’s so effective that it kind of thwacks you across the head. It’s super stuff.

If you force me to use only one product at night after cleansing then I think this would be it — is the Repair Skin Fuel Night Crème Gel. It’s a night cream-gel that exfoliates, brightens, plumps, and revitalises. I would say that this wouldn’t be at all suitable for you if your skin is sensitive. But if you tolerate chemical exfoliants well, this could be a nice addition to your “lazy night skincare routine” kit.

Best Pick- Quantum Hydrox Repair Skin Fuel Night Crème Gel (open jar)

My love for the Repair Skin Fuel Night Crème Gel is twofold: firstly, it’s incredibly hydrating without being the least bit greasy. Even in the dead of winter with the heater on full blast, my skin was as hydrated as it could possibly be. My skin looks plumper as well as feeling it.

The other thing I love is the resurfacing and brightening effects. I’m putting that down to the powerhouse part of the show. The cream-gel contains a chock-full of proven skin-restoring ingredients. It has a rather unique mix of 10% glycolic acid, 0.05% retinaldehyde (a form of vitamin A that is more powerful than retinol), and potent antioxidants (Superoxide Dismutase, Ferulic Acid, and Astaxanthin just to name a few). I suspect all the skin soothers it contains help skin adjust and mitigate potential irritation.

Etude Soon Jung Director's Moisture Sun Cream ingredients

Though I’m a serum devotee, this cream-gel is a brilliant one-pot wonder. In fact, I think it’s best used on its own. I just slap it on after cleansing at night, nothing else added. The results (I have been using this regularly since early October) are inarguably good – fresher, smoother skin with increased brightness and radiance. My pores look smaller, my skin looks clearer and brighter.

The Quantum Hydrox Repair Skin Fuel Night Crème Gel, 60ml, is CDN$34.50. Quantum Hydrox is from Vancouver and the products (unfortunately!) cannot be bought outside of the country online or in stores. The entire range is sold exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharmasave online and in selected locations.

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