Best Pick: CLAYGE Shampoo S

Best Pick: CLAYGE Shampoo S

Just a quick review: Clayge Shampoo S. The hair and scalp-care brand is quite popular in Japan. Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp — their products are formulated to soothe and deep cleanse scalp without stripping away moisture from hair. The ‘S’ line is a lightweight formula that is best for normal to fine or oily hair. There is also the richer, more moisturising ‘D’ line for normal to coarse hair and the new ‘R’ line for taming frizzy hair.

This is one of my favourite cheap shampoos for a long time. It has so much going for it that it’s hard to criticise. It’s sulphate-free (and silicone-free) and lathers unbelievably well. The formula features clarifying bentonite clay to draw out impurities. There’s also anti-inflammatory dipotassium glycyrrhizate and tea tree oil to soothe the scalp and help relieve any dryness or itchiness. It also contains amino acids, ceramides, AHA, menthol, herbal extracts, and proteins to energise the scalp and promote healthy hair.

It gets hair very clean, doesn’t leave a residue, and it doesn’t irritate a sensitive scalp. It’s pretty effective at getting rid of product build-up and oily roots while being kind to my highlights and lowlights. I leave the shampoo on the scalp for a minute or two before rinsing off, which the instructions on the bottle actually recommend. It does an amazing job at gently cleansing and leaves hair bouncy and lovely.

Clayge repackaged (no change to the formula) the entire line last year in 2020. Pictured above is the shampoo’s latest packaging, which has been renamed “Clayge Shampoo SN. (The added “N” stands for “new”.) You can find the shampoo at variety stores and selected drugstore chains in Japan — RRP for the 500ml pump bottle is ¥1,400 and the 440ml refill pouch is ¥1,200. It’s also available online with worldwide shipping at Amazon Japan and YesStyle.

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4 months ago

Do you have any cheap tinted sunscreen or bb/cc cream recommendations?

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