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Japanese Cosmetic Companies that Do Not Conduct Animal Testing

Without getting into the controversial topic of animal testing, here is a list of Japanese cosmetic manufacturers that have eliminated animal testing (including outsourcing) for their finished products and new ingredients (except when required by law).

It’s important to note that the information is specifically for cosmetics that are developed, produced, and sold within Japan only. It does not apply to products made for export (if the destined country requires it by law). This might seem like a hair-splitting distinction, but it’s still a big step in the right direction — especially for top influential companies.

Many companies listed below don’t just develop and produce beauty products.

They also conduct pharmaceutical research and/or manufacture drugs, food additives, pesticides, and chemical household cleaners. These all have government-required animal toxicity tests (same with other countries).

While they no longer test their face creams on animals, the medicines they also produce were!

If you’re in Japan and you want to get involved with an animal rights organisation (or simply want more information about animal testing in Japan), I’d highly suggest checking out the Japan Anti-vivisection Association (JAVA). They’re Japan’s longest-operating group that aims to abolish animal testing — and very well-known and respected in Japan. Their previous campaigns have directly led many top Japanese cosmetic companies (e.g. Shiseido and Rohto) to abolish animal testing within Japan.

For simplicity’s sake, only company names are listed. Most companies below own myriads of Japan-only cosmetic brands — it’s a futile task for me to try to list them all below. Please search within the site or check the company’s site to find out what brands are under what companies.

Companies’ policies and practices are subject to change. Please direct any related questions or concerns you may have to the company in question.

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