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Top 5: Hairstyles I Love for the Summer

Top 5- Hairstyles I Love for the Summer

There’s something about the change in the weather that makes me want to hit ‘refresh’ on my hair. As summer quickly approaches, I’ve been contemplating a new style for the new season ahead.

Here are my top 5 hairstyles I’m saving as inspirations and want to try. If you know you want a hair change, but are unsure what that looks like, maybe one of which will speak to your aesthetic.

Stylist: @takada_koh

This blunt bob styled with the ends curled outwards is one of Japan’s top hair trends. I love the versatile, easy-to-style cut and the multi-dimensional, greige-coloured highlights. And for the last several months, it has served as my grow-out inspiration.

Stylist: @coast_hair

I’ve been growing out my hair for the past couple of months and it has now reached chin-grazing length. It’s long enough to stick to the sweat on the back of my neck, but still too short to tie it back. I’m particularly fond of this cool, summer-friendly cut because it doesn’t sacrifice too much of my length. It is short enough to keep hair completely off the neck, yet long enough to exude femininity. Growing it back to my original length would also be a breeze. Hoops or dangling earrings also complement this style especially well!

Stylist: @nakai.3722

Those who have seen my Instagram Stories or my blog post on changes might remember this cut I had last year. It’s one of my all-time favourites, and it happens to be the haircut that I get complimented on the most! The back is short and tapered, but keeping it long on top gives me plenty of space to play with styling and as a kind of a security blanket. I can sweep it to the side, part it in the middle, pull it back, or create waves. The upkeep is pretty high — you’ll need the time (and money) to get a trim every 4–6 weeks, but maintenance aside, I really love it and want it like that again.

Stylist: @hayase_hair

If I want to continue my growing out process, I need to persevere and improve upon what I already have, rather than emerging from the hair salon with something strikingly different. This cut and colour are close to what I currently have. Just some minor adjustments to keep things neat and relevant.

Stylist: @kooood_0328

If I were to grow my hair long again, this would be the style. I love the soft, undone layered waves with the low-commitment bangs. The gentle curls in this photo were achieved using low-temperature digital perm (a newer technique that uses a much lower temperature and requires only 10-15 minutes to process) not a curling iron. If you have straight but moldable hair like me, simply twisting hair into a loose messy bun overnight gives the same natural, effortless result.

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