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On this website, you will find Japanese cosmetic information and a sprinkle of unbiased beauty reviews.

I wrote my first post in June 2009 and launched the site in its present form in October 2011 as an answer to the lack of accurate information in English on Japanese cosmetics. I strictly use Japanese press releases and official product information (in Japanese) provided by the manufacturers and my sources are always provided for your reference. It started as a personal archive of information I have provided to friends, and it quickly grew into a large comprehensive database. As regular readership grew, reviews were added due to numerous requests.

I get given products as an inevitable part of running a beauty website. I rarely feel compelled to write full-page reviews but when I do, the products featured are mish-mash of purchases, samples, and gifts. The way I have obtained the product does not influence my opinion or the way personal reviews are featured.

I do not get paid to post. All the work you see — including CSS and HTML — is my own. There is no charge for accessing this site and keeping it running is incredibly labour-intensive. As such, affiliate links and advertising banners are a necessity, especially as I don’t partake in sponsored content (paid to post). Most stockist links you see are affiliate links, but this in no way affects the way I write about the products and you are not obligated to click on or buy from any of these links.

Please remember, RatzillaCosme does not hold any stock or take responsibility for orders or delivery. I do not take any payment whatsoever here; just think of me as your guide or curator.

I hope you find RatzillaCosme helpful! If you have any questions, leave a comment under the relevant post and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can!