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My Skincare Routine: An Overview

In my last month’s Q&A session on Instagram stories, there were several questions about my current skincare routine. I thought I’d do a post about this here.

You might be surprised to know that I don’t enjoy skincare. I love the science behind it and the development of products. The actual skincare routine, however, is a bit of a chore. I don’t care much for the experience of skincare — I don’t find it fun, relaxing, or exciting. Quite frankly, there’re millions of other things I’d much rather be doing than my daily ablutions. So skincare layering really isn’t for me. This is why I highly prefer concentrated, potent workhorses that tick many boxes.

My skincare routine steps go somewhat like this:

Cleanse + Prep + Serum + Moisturise + UV (only if going outside)
Night version 1
Cleanse + Prep + Serum + Moisturise
Night version 2
Cleanse + Prep + Retin-A gel + Moisturise

My skin is fairly normal. I don’t really have any major skin concerns and it’s naturally quite resilient. So my skincare routine, for the most part, is about maintenance and protection.

My own rule of thumb with skincare product is this: if it doesn’t deliver visible benefits in at least a few weeks of regular use then it’s not really doing much. I don’t subscribe to the idea that some antioxidants you never notice work until many years down the road. Trusting blindly isn’t my M.O. 

This blog post isn’t really about stuff I’ve been using. I play around with lots of different products and I don’t have anything that I consider to be essential.

With that said, products I find myself often going back to tend to have certain things in common. Below are what I personally look for in each step. I’ve included links to more recent “Best Pick” reviews that I’ve written.


I prefer to spend as little money as possible on products that will literally go down the drain in seconds. Luxurious textures or relaxing scents may be nice but they often come with a higher price, and I just don’t care enough to pay more for the fleeting experience.

Chifure Washable Cold Cream

Cow Brand Mutenka Foaming Facial Wash

2) LOTION (aka Toner/Softener/Astringent/K-Beauty “Essence”) 

Personally, I prefer using watery lotions that have been formulated with multiple potent active ingredients that tick many boxes over one-trick-pony products.

Quantum Hydrox KALMA Facial Toner


I like serums that feature ingredients with antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties, brightening is a nice bonus. Single-ingredient serums aren’t for me. I don’t bother with retinol.

CNP Laboratory Propolis Energy Ampule

NIOD Survival 0


I tend to go for either simple, straightforward moisturisers that can be layered over just about anything or formulas that are packed with so many potent key ingredients that they’re more suited for using solo.

PlaceWhiter Medicated Whitening Eye Cream

Quantum Hydrox Protecta Facial Day Fluid

5) UV

I only use proper sunscreen if I’m stepping out. Some sort of tinted primer with SPF will suffice if I’m working from home all day, especially in the winter months.

In general, I prefer my facial sunscreen to have additional cosmetic functions than simply protecting against UV rays. If it’s indeed just a normal sunscreen, then it has better be close to perfect for my skin!

Allie Nuance Change UV Gel (Bright White)

Biore UV Aqua Rich Light Up Essence

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