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Best Pick: IHADA Medicated Clear Balm

Best Pick IHADA Medicated Clear Balm

This is a multi-purpose facial balm for small problem areas — rough, flaky patches, redness, minor irritation.

IHADA Medicated Clear Balm is designed to form a barrier between the skin and the outside world, helping the skin to retain moisture — all without the conventional greasy residue, oily sheen, or heavy feel. If you need targeted skin repair or you want to prevent maskne (which is caused by excess friction), this is one of those wonderful products that will do the trick without making you feel heavy or claggy.

The balm has a solid consistency that melts on skin contact into an ultra-light, silky smooth texture that is almost undetectable even on hot skin. There’s Tranexamic acid and Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate to keep discolouration at bay while having a calming influence on angsty, sore skin. The formula is alcohol and fragrance-free.

For me, I apply a thin layer as the last skincare step to areas where my mask touches to prevent skin from getting dry and flaky. The fact that the Ihada skincare line is formulated for sensitive skin means that I turn to it for soothing red, irritated spots too. It’s a perennial favourite and it won’t break the bank.

Ihada Medicated Clear Balm is sold in drugstores across Japan, RRP ¥1,600 for 18g. You can find it online from Amazon Japan (international shipping via AmazonGlobal). It’s also available at YesStyle.

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4 Comments on Best Pick: IHADA Medicated Clear Balm

  1. I am looking for a super moisturizer to apply on my skin the nights I use tretinoin. Do you think it would work?

  2. Thanks for the recommendation, lately I have been using vaseline at night. It is too heavy for me to wear under a mask at work, and I don’t really enjoy wearing it at night that much for the same reason. It was more cost efficient for me to buy two from Amazon jp so thank you for the link!

    • This has all the protective properties of vaseline but without the heavy oily/sticky feeling. The formula is so lightweight that it feels you have nothing on.

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