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Best Pick: CHIFURE Washable Cold Cream

The Washable Cold Cream from Chifure (pronounced “chee-foo-reh”) is one of the most famous Japanese skincare products you’ve never heard of. Not a brand you hear about overseas, but they’re very well-regarded and popular in Japan. They’re known for high-quality (Japan-made) products at ultra-affordable prices. (Their lipstick, one of their bestsellers, is just ¥350.) You’re not paying for their advertisement campaigns, famous spokespersons, or eye-catching packaging — they have none! They’re also the only Japanese cosmetic brand I know of that provides the percentage of every ingredient contained in a product.

Inside the large jar, there’s a cream that has a not-quite-buttery-but-not-too-runny texture that can be easily scooped out. It is completely unscented, which I imagine will be a huge bonus for many.

Best Pick CHIFURE Washable Cold Cream (open)

The cream gradually melts down into a transparent smooth oil as you massage it that slips nicely across the skin. The cream-to-oil transformation isn’t instant so if you’re pressed for time, it’s best to use something else. I’m not sure what else to say about it other than the fact that it removes every last trace of makeup and rinses completely clean.

CHIFURE Washable Cold Cream is very basic — it does the job well without any frills. Easy to apply, easy to rinse clean. No oily or waxy residue left behind, but — and this is equally important — none of the stripped, tight feeling that some cleansing oils and balms can leave you with. You can wipe it off if you wish, the choice is yours — though I think it’s far more efficient to rinse it off with warm water.

You can find the CHIFURE Washable Cold Cream in Japan at most major drugstores — RRP is ¥650 for 300g jar which I’d say is an absolute steal for such a thorough makeup remover. Its refill pouch of the size is even cheaper at ¥560! It’s available online with worldwide shipping from Amazon Japan and YesStyle.

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13 Comments on Best Pick: CHIFURE Washable Cold Cream

  1. Your articles are so helpful!! This product (and everything from Chifure) is really high-priced in the US, at least as far as Japanese products go (this cream is $26 at Yes Style, which is 5x the price in Japan). It’s helpful to know this is more of a no-frills, economic option in Japan (so probably not worth $26 in the US).

    • The instructions on the jar advise you to follow up with a face wash. It does rinse clean with just water so I’d say it’s perfectly fine to skip if you don’t feel like double-cleansing. For me, there’re a few hours (and a workout) between using this and going to bed so I do (eventually) use a regular cleanser but not straight after.

  2. How runny is the cream? If the pot tipped over, would it all spill out?

    How long would you say the “cream to oil” transformation takes? A few seconds?

    • It isn’t thick but it isn’t runny either. I can hold an opened jar upside down for a few seconds without anything happening.

      I think it highly depends on how big of a blob you use and how warm your skin surface is. If I put a hazelnut-sized blob on my naturally warm hand, for example, it melts into a transparent oil as soon as I rub my palms together. Transformation is almost instant. If I apply the same sized blob directly on my face (which is much cooler compared to my palms), it takes a bit of massaging (several seconds) before it reaches the oil stage.

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