ALLIE Extra UV Facial Gel N (2020 Formula)

ALLIE Extra UV Facial Gel N (2020 Formula)

Release Date
25g / 60g
Kanebo Cosmetics Inc.
Product Type
¥1,400 / ¥2,100
UV Filter(s)
Zinc Oxide, Octinoxate, Uvinul T 150 & Tinosorb S.

ALLIE Extra UV Facial Gel N is makeup-priming Japanese sunscreen gel.

The facial sunscreen gel reduces the look of pores while giving skin a beautiful smooth look, and it has been renewed to be more resistant to day-to-day friction, water, and sweat than the previous formula released in 2018. It uses Kanebo’s latest 3rd generation “Super Friction-Proof Technology” that provides the skin with a stronger yet highly flexible protective veil that adheres to the skin even when there is friction from fabric for unyielding UV protection. Hyaluronic acid keeps the skin hydrated.

Ideally suited for the outdoors and normal daily activities, the gel protects the face from sun damage while absorbing excess sebum to help makeup stays put. Skin is replenished, silky smooth, and perfectly prepped for makeup application.

  • For the face.
  • Resistant to water, sweat, and sebum (80 minutes).
  • Can be used as a makeup base.
  • Removable with a face wash.

Skin Type(s):      
Beauty Concern(s):


water,, zinc oxide,, alcohol,, ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate,, glycerin,, diisopropyl sebacate,, ethylhexyl triazone,, butylene glycol,, dipropylene glycol,, dimethicone,, bis-ethylhexyloxyphenol methoxyphenyl triazine,, behenyl alcohol,, cetearyl alcohol,, isononyl isononanoate,, isohexadecane,, hydrogenated lecithin,, triethoxycaprylylsilane,, methicone,, polysorbate 80,, do.not.copy,, C30-45 alkyl methicone,, polysilcone-9,, xanthan gum,, C30-45 olefin,, disodium EDTA,, sodium hyaluronate,, hydrolyzed collagen,, acrylates/polytrimethylsiloxymethacrylate copolymer,, phenoxyethanol,, chlorphenesin.


アリィー エクストラ UV フェイシャルジェル N」の全成分:水、酸化亜鉛、エタノール、メトキシケイヒ酸エチルヘキシル、グリセリン、セバシン酸ジイソプロピル、エチルヘキシルトリアゾン、BG、DPG、ジメチコン、ビスエチルヘキシルオキシフェノールメトキシフェニルトリアジン、ベヘニルアルコール、(アクリル酸Na/アクリロイルジメチルタウリンNa)コポリマー、セテアリルアルコール、イソノナン酸イソノニル、イソヘキサデカン、水添レシチン、トリエトキシカプリリルシラン、メチコン、ポリソルベート80、アルキル(C30-45)メチコン、ポリシリコーン-9、キサンタンガム、オレフィン(C30-45)、EDTA-2Na、ヒアルロン酸Na、加水分解コラーゲン、(アクリレーツ/メタクリル酸ポリトリメチルシロキシ)コポリマー、フェノキシエタノール、クロルフェネシン

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1 month ago

Can I request a review of this sunscreen? Does it leave a white cast? Does it work well as a makeup base?

If you haven’t tried it, do you know what the general opinion of this product is amongst consumers? Thank you!

1 month ago

Sorry, I meant to say in my last post that Univul t-150 comes right after diisopropyl sebacate, and just before butylene glycol in this new 3.0 facial gel.

4 months ago

Sorry , to clarify my initial post, i was using the Allie 2.0 facial gel. My family member in Japan sent me the new 3.0 version a few days ago. Thanks

4 months ago

I have a family member who lives in Japan, who just sent me a few tubes that he purchased on Amazon Japan. This was before you had the ebay link/stockist link available. It differs in texture/tenacity with regards to how it feels on the skin. I just wanted to ask you if Amazon Japan has any issues with fakes like we do here in the US. Thanks in advance.

3 months ago
Reply to  RatzillaCosme

Thx for responding, sorry for the late reply. I’ve found the new formula very much to my liking, just had to get used to the tiny bit of extra effort needed to get this to blend into my skin (I’m used to slathering on 2 successive layers in the a.m., this version just requires a smidge more effort). Still a huge fan of the Allie line,continues to be my go to daily sunscreen. Thx for the great work you do on this website, it’s an invaluable resource for many. Have a great day!

1 month ago
Reply to  RatzillaCosme

Amazon US is infamous for commingling counterfeit products with real products, even for items that are “sold and shipped from Amazon” and from brands that sell officially through Amazon.

How can you be certain that Amazon Japan operates differently and that counterfeits are a non-issue? I’m asking as a concerned consumer, especially since I’ve seen comments on Amazon Japan (from Japanese consumers) claiming that certain cosmetic products sold by Amazon JP are potentially fake and seem different from what they’ve bought in stores.

(If you have any sources about this, I would it greatly BTW.)

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