Review: MISSHA All-Around Safe Block Daily Sun SPF50+ PA++++

Review: MISSHA All-Around Safe Block Daily Sun SPF50+ PA++++

Well this is an unusual one: a sunscreen cream that seems velvety and moisturising but feels bone dry the moment it hits the skin. What is this odd formulation? It’s MISSHA All-Around Safe Block Daily Sun SPF50+ PA++++.

The blurb says that a daily sun cream that helps moisturise the skin and gives a “moisturising finish” with no white residue. I don’t find that to be true in the slightest — in fact, quite the opposite. You may have tried the popular Biore milks, which has a super matte formula that can be quite drying; this South Korean sunscreen cream is of a similar ilk.

swatch of MISSHA All-Around Safe Block Daily Sun SPF50+ PA++++
On Gatsby Oil Clear Sheet

The stark white cream looks incredibly thick when it comes out of the tube. (The picture above was taken after 5–10 minutes. See how the blob still kept its shape? It hasn’t migrated down at all.) The finish is absolutely bone dry and matte. If you’re heavy-handed (as you should!), the chalky white cast it leaves on the skin — while slight — is hard to miss unless you are very fair-skinned. My normal skin detects no moisture, in fact, it emphasizes every dry, flaky patch. This could works well as a mattifying primer, if only it didn’t transfer so easily. I applied it on the back of my hands and forearms, and it transferred and left terrible white stains all over my clothes and bag. I’d imagine that makeup would come right off if anything happens to touch your face.

This is my first Korean sunscreen that is rated SPF50+ PA++++ and I’m quite disappointed in how it wears on the skin. My feelings on this isn’t entirely negative. It looks and feels nice enough if I make sure to prep my skin really well beforehand. So it’s not as though I hate this sunscreen. It just requires too much concerted effort to make it work for me to ever want to use it again. I don’t like it on my face and I certainly don’t want this anywhere near my (non-white) clothes.

MISSHA All-Around Safe Block Daily Sun SPF50+ PA++++ (expiration date printed on the tube and box) is US$13.71+ for 50ml at HERE.

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