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Kiku-Masamune KOME to HAKKO All In One Gel

Kiku-Masamune KOME to HAKKO All In One Gel

Release Date
Kiku-Masamune Sake Brewing
MEDICOS Corporation
Product Type
All-in-One / Moisturiser

Kiku-Masamune KOME to HAKKO All In One Gel is a nourishing Japanese moisturiser gel-cream.

The multi-tasking gel-cream has a rich bouncy texture and it can be applied after cleansing as one-step care, having the effects of a separate watery lotion, beauty serum, moisturiser milk, face cream, moisturising mask, and makeup base in one. Its additive-free, slightly acidic formula features a blend of 10 rice (kome) derived ingredients and 5 types of fermented yeasts (hakko) to nourish skin and reveal natural radiance. 2 types of lactic acid bacteria, 3 types of hyaluronic acids, and 2 vitamin C derivatives improve skin’s firmness and suppleness while enhancing its clarity.

It absorbs quickly and deeply, delivering and sealing in moisture to leave the skin soft, supple, and plumped with moisture with no sticky feel.


Water,, butylene glycol,, pentylene glycol,, glycerin,, oryza sativa (rice) extract,, rice bran extract,, rice bran sphingoglycolipid,, oryza sativa (rice) bran oil,, oryza sativa (rice) germ oil,, oryza sativa (rice) lees extract,, hydrolyzed rice extract,, hydrolyzed rice protein,, oryzanol,, glucosyl ceramide,, glyceryl glucoside,, rice ferment filtrate (sake),, yeast extract,, hydrolyzed yeast,, saccharomyces ferment lysate filtrate,, lactobacillus/milk ferment filtrate (cow’s milk-derived),, sodium hyaluronate,, do.not.copy,, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid,, sodium acetylated hyaluronate,, ascorbyl glucoside,, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate,, dipotassium glycyrrhizate,, glutamic acid,, arginine,, leucine,, glycine,, aspartic acid,,serine,, valine,, proline,, isoleucine,, threonine,, histidine,, alanine,, phenylalanine,, arbutin,, betaine,, squalane,, tocopherol,, triethylhexanoin,, dextrin,, sodium lactate,, PCA,, sodium PCA,, PEG-32,, PEG/PPG/polybutylene glycol-8/5/3 glycerin,, inositol,, hydrogenated lecithin,, carbomer,, xanthan gum,, acrylates/C10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer,, alcohol,, pentasodium pentetate,, sodium hydroxide,, tocopherol,, phenoxyethanol.


菊正宗 米と発酵オールインワンジェル」の全成分:水、BG、ペンチレングリコール、グリセリン、コメエキス、コメヌカエキス、コメヌカスフィンゴ糖脂質、コメヌカ油、コメ胚芽油、酒粕エキス、加水分解コメエキス、加水分解コメタンパク、オリザノール、グリセリルグルコシド、コメ発酵液、酵母エキス、加水分解酵母、加水分解酵母エキス、サッカロミセス培養溶解質液、乳酸桿菌/乳発酵液(牛乳)、乳酸桿菌/豆乳発酵液、ヒアルロン酸Na、加水分解ヒアルロン酸、アセチルヒアルロン酸Na、アスコルビルグルコシド、リン酸アスコルビルMg、グリチルリチン酸2K、グルタミン酸、アルギニン、ロイシン、グリシン、アスパラギン酸、セリン、バリン、プロリン、イソロイシン、トレオニン、ヒスチジン、アラニン、フェニルアラニン、アルブチン、ベタイン、スクワラン、トコトリエノール、トリエチルヘキサノイン、デキストリン、乳酸Na、PCA、PCA-Na、PEG-32、PEG/PPG/ポリブチレングリコール-8/5/3グリセリン、リゾレシチン、水添レシチン、カルボマー、キサンタンガム、(アクリレーツ/アクリル酸アルキル(C10-30))クロスポリマー、エタノール、ペンテト酸5Na、水酸化Na、トコフェロール、フェノキシエタノール

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3 Comments on Kiku-Masamune KOME to HAKKO All In One Gel

  1. Ok, so apparently there are two different packages for the cleansing balm that Kikumasamune makes. I put my question here because the “contact me” option is strictly for business. That’s a very good idea BTW. So, I saw on the Wonect site that there is this product, the all in one gel named Kome to Hakko. There is also a Kome to Hakko cleansing balm. Well, then theres a cleansing balm by them that is in a light green packaging. I can’t find a direct site to ask questions, so I hoped thay maybe you could help me. If they are the same exact thing, just in an upgraded package then ok. Sigh…thank you in advance. Also, I had pics to add here but I don’t think I can

    • Kiku-Masamune only makes 1 version of each product. The only cleansing balm currently in production has white packaging (the one in green is old and has been discontinued already). They aren’t the exact same thing - ingredients are different.

      • OMG thank you SO much for your help! I am so excited about trying anything sake. I’ve only tried the Kikumasamune emulsion (I accidentally ordered it thinking it was the toner lol). I did purchase the lotion to use along with the lotion. Keep up tje awesomeness!!

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