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Best Pick: SEPHORA Brush Meets Comb Hair Brush Cleaner

Best Pick SEPHORA Brush Meets Comb

Don’t be fooled — this isn’t a garden rake, It’s a mini rake for cleaning hairbrushes.

Sephora’s Brush Meets Comb Hair Brush Cleaner is brilliant if you find it tedious to thoroughly remove all the lint, loose hair, and other build-ups from an old hairbrush. Simply run it through the brush a few times to dislodge and pull out all the hair and gunk from it — you’d still want to wash both brush and tool with soap and warm water afterwards.

In just a few minutes’ time, it transformed my old Mason Pearson brush that I could never seem to get it clean-looking spanking new. It does feel a little “once and done” because I won’t have a need for the cleaner again in quite a long time. The hairbrush is, unfortunately, OTT big for my pixie short hair (which I’m getting cut even shorter soon). But once I’m ready to grow it back longer, both will no doubt be an essential part of my beauty arsenal. If you do have a paddle brush that you use regularly, it’s important to keep it clean because you don’t want all the residue on it to be applied back to your hair — and Sephora’s Brush Meets Comb Hair Brush Cleaner is a true no-brainer. It’s just US$10!

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