Best Pick: Saborino Wake Up Sheet Morning Mask

Complete Skincare Routine Done in just 60 Seconds Without Getting Out of Bed

I f you’ve always wanted to wake up and get ready without hauling yourself out of bed and fiddle with tubes and bottles, then Saborino is your answer. BCL Company’s Saborino sheet mask series for busy mornings have seen immense popularity in Japan since its launch in Spring 2015. I know that it shouldn’t appeal to me, being not a big fan of “does-it-all products”, but it absolutely does.

Saborino Wake Up Sheet Morning Mask, like the name suggests, has been designed to be used when you’ve just woke up — perhaps you’ve overslept and now have only five minutes to get ready (and skipping makeup is not an option). It is packaged much like wet wipes — just open the flip-top lid, pull out a sheet, and it’s ready to use. You simply slap on the sheet mask (it’s designed to stretch to fit) and leave on for 1 to 2 minutes, after which time you peel it off and gently wipe your skin with it. Cleansing, treating, and hydrating done! It’s not an alternative to regular skincare routine but a quick fix when you don’t have the time or simply too lazy.

My normal skin felt extraordinarily refreshed and cool — no doubt due to the peppermint, tea tree oil, and menthol — and it definitely looked more hydrated and toned thanks to its blend of vitamin C, 2 sizes of hyaluronic acid, collagen, honey and fruits. I love that it’s zingy and energising, great as a morning “wake-me-up”. For just a minute-time (and the fact that I don’t even need to get out of bed), I think it’s very good indeed! Those with drier skin will most likely prefer the limited edition Ripe Fruit High Moisture Type featuring fermented fruits (if you find one, snap it up quick, it’s sold out in Japan). If you have sensitive or thinned skin then do approach with caution. You can apparently apply makeup afterwards, but I try to never sunscreen even when I’m in a bit of a rush.

A 32-sheet-pack of the Saborino Wake up Sheet Morning Mask is ¥1,200 in Japan.

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