Best Pick: GATSBY Powdered Oil Clear Paper & Oil Clear Sheet


If I were to associate teeth whitening strips and toothpaste with the U.S., then oil-blotting papers and films would be decidedly Japanese. One of major grooming faux pas in Japan that I think most non-Japanese are unaware of is shiny, greasy face — and this applies to both women and men! Walk into any drugstores or discount stores, and you’ll find myriad of oil-blotting things in all sorts of sizes and materials.

I’m quietly disdainful of personal grooming and primping in public. Public nose-powdering and swishing of lipstick make me cringe a little inside, so you can probably guess how I feel about blotting. I have a complete aversion to eye-catching, bright-coloured oil-blotting sheets. I just can’t understand their appeal — used, oil-stained blotting sheets are not something I ever want to draw attention to, even in the bathroom! My oil-blotting sheets of choice must be effective, convenient, and discreet. I don’t want to pull out a bright blue sheet, tear anything out from a booklet, or fumble with a fussy compact.

Best Pick GATSBY Powdered Oil Clear Paper

My all-time favourite oil-blotting sheets are from Gatsby, a Japanese budget personal care brand for men best known for the Moving Rubber hair waxes. A lot of blotting papers are so thin and flimsy that they’re essentially see-through — you use up half the pack in one go. Others, on the other hand, are more like chalky recycled kraft paper. The Powdered Oil Clear Paper is substantial and quite large. The powder coated side (inner “valley fold” side) leaves a super silky-smooth finish that looks completely natural — it is, after all, made for men! Use the reverse side if you prefer powder-free. If you have very oily skin, then I’d direct you to the Oil Clear Sheet, which is a soft yet durable polypropylene film that is a lot more absorbent than the paper. They both absorb surface oil and sweat on the skin without disturbing makeup or whatever you have on. Which one is better just comes down to personal preference. The sheet leaves the skin clean and freshened whereas the paper leaves the skin feeling silky fresh.

Best Pick GATSBY Oil Clear Sheet

Simply put, they are effective, ultra-discreet, and cheap as chips! They are my go-to things to buy online if I need something cheap and small to round up my order to get free shipping! You can also find them HERE on for US$5.50+.

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4 years ago

What is the expiring date of gatsby film? Mine has manufacturing date of 2014 and rest of the things are written in thai.

5 years ago

Omg.. I know I’m stupid.. but I never thought about using the reverse side of the powder one… I like without powder sometimes.. so this is great!! Thanks for the review! :)) These are indeed the best blotting sheets!

Roger Ong
Roger Ong
5 years ago

I thought Gatsby was famous for their “hair clapping” CMs lol

Anyway, I’m a guy, and I’m really happy about the size. Kinda like “finally!”.
PS: I don’t do it in public too!

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