Best Pick: Daiso Skin Lotion Series (made in Japan)

I have to admit that I’m very snobbish about skincare and makeup when it comes to country of manufacture. Before I even glance at the ingredients, I look for where the product is made. Some countries I trust a lot more than others, and I avoid one in particular completely.

These 4 new-ish watery lotions (aka hydrating toners) from Daiso completely grabbed my attention with their pleasing packaging and easy-to-spot (bilingual) “made in Japan” label. I have tried them all and I have to say that I’m deeply impressed by them for the price — just ¥108 with tax (less than US$1)! The formulas are lovely (no fragrance nor silicones, for those who look out for that) and their ingredients lists rival far more expensive watery lotions! They come in 4 varieties; each having its own unique hero ingredients and slightly different functions, so that there’s one for pretty much every skin type.

Left: Royal Jelly & Honey, Right: Soy Isoflavones (☞ Click on the image for ingredients! If you’re reading from a mobile device, click here instead.)

Take Royal Jelly & Honey (yellow-gold cap) for example: it has a rich yet still watery texture, half-toner half-serum, with royal jelly, honey, and propolis that really boosts the skins’ comfort level yet still feel fresh to apply. Or the soy-themed Soy Isoflavones (blue cap) that absorbs readily, leaving skin plumped and supple — I actually like it more than SANA Namerakahonpo’s Moisture Skin Lotion NA that I’ve reviewed. Those with oily skin would enjoy swiping on Hatomugi (mint-green cap), Japanese for Job’s Tears, which leaves the skin feeling wonderfully refreshed and balanced without alcohol. Rice-themed Sake & Rice Ceramide (pink cap), features sake, rice ceramide, rice germ oil, and rice bran oil, it makes skin feels so smooth.

Left: Hatomugi (Job’s Tears), Right: Sake & Rice Ceramide (☞ Click on the image for ingredients! If you’re reading from a mobile device, click here instead.)

This range of 4 Japan-made Skin Lotions from Daiso are truly a hidden gem. Priced at just ¥100 for 120ml, it’s practically free and definitely the most affordable beauty pick on the site to date! They’re sold exclusively at Daiso, which is everywhere in Japan — a list of its overseas locations can be found on its English website. You can find them online from eBay but for a very hefty mark-up. accepts press samples but does not participate in sponsored product placement posts. Outbound links to retailers are usually affiliate links, which means that I may receive a small commission if you click on one of these links and make a purchase. This does not cost you anything but you are welcome to search the products on a new page if you prefer.

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  1. Ratzilla – what effects did these lotions produce in your skin after regular use? Where they brightening, pore reducing, clarifying? What’s your favorite lotions out of all the 4 lotions you have personally used? And how did the Hatomugi lotion fare on your face after you used it?

    • Fave would probably the Soy Isoflavones one. As for the effects I saw after using, I’ve talked about that in the review already so I won’t repeat them here again. None of them claim to be skin brightening, pore reducing, and/or clarifying —and they don’t, at least not that I’ve noticed.

  2. I saw them in Daiso Singapore too and the ingredients list captivated me that I wanted to go and buy the toners. It’s very different from what I would expect from Daiso’s skincare because they always have alcohol and lots of fillers in it. But I have not yet taken the plunge to buy these…

  3. I wish they had these at US Daiso, they look great. I can’t see the ingredients list though – clicking on the pics doesn’t do anything. I’m on an iPad without any adblocker.

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