Best Pick: Bifesta Cleansing Balm Hot Type

Best Pick Bifesta Cleansing Balm Hot Type

I absolutely ploughed through Bifesta Cleansing Balm Hot Type from Mandom (company behinds the famous Gatsby Moving Rubber range of men’s hair waxes). There’re countless makeup removal alternatives to cleansing oils on the market these days, but not many of them truly cleanse as well nor rinse away as easily.

Bifesta’s version released earlier this year is gorgeous. It’s an easy to apply gel-balm that feels rich, silky, and comfortably warming, and it’s great for massaging in to the skin. The formula feels very moisturising but somehow very light at the same time. Once it turns milky (just add a little water), it can be rinsed away clean. It removes long-wearing makeup very well and doesn’t leave any greasiness to the skin. My skin feels soft after rinsing, thoroughly cleansed but not stripped and with absolutely no residue. I would point out that it doesn’t do an exemplary job when it comes to waterproof mascara removal (you’re really supposed to avoid contact with eyes), but I feel that’s the trade-off for getting a balm that’s top-notch and ultra-affordable. I don’t even feel the need double cleanse with this one.

Big bonus point for the fact that this is packaged in a very travel-friendly tube! Its solid gel-balm texture means there’s zero chance of it leaking all over the place, even if the cap isn’t properly closed. I’d say that this would be OK for just about every type of skin (though check ingredients if you’re very sensitive). It’s free of alcohol, fragrance, silicones, and parabens, and a brilliant (budget) option for those seeking a one-step “two-in-one” makeup remover that rivals cleansing oils’ cleansing power and rinsability.

You can find Bifesta Cleansing Balm Hot Type for ¥796 at Amazon Japan or US$16.90+ at YesStyle.

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Maria Yeung
Maria Yeung
2 years ago

What’s with the reviews on Amazon? It doesn’t seem to be rated highly but unfortunately Google does not translate the reviews :/

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