Japanese Cosmetic Companies that Do Not Conduct Animal Testing

Without getting into the controversial topic of animal testings, here is a list of Japanese cosmetic manufacturers that have eliminated animal-testing (including outsourcing) for their finished products and new ingredients (except when required by law).

It’s very important to note that the information is specifically for cosmetics that are developed, produced, and sold within Japan only. It does not apply to products that are made for export (if the destined country requires it by law). For example, Anessa sunscreens produced and sold in Japan are not animal-tested; however, the ones made for exporting into China are. This might seem like a hair-splitting distinction, but it’s still big step in the right direction — especially for top influential companies.

Some companies below also conduct pharmaceutical research and/or manufacture drugs, food additives, pesticides, chemical household cleansers — all of which have government-required animal toxicity tests (like most countries).

If you’re in Japan and you want to get involved with an animal rights organisation (or simply want more information about animal testings in Japan), I’d highly suggest checking out Japan Anti-vivisection Association (JAVA). They’re Japan’s longest-operating group that aim to abolish animal testing — and very well-known and respected in Japan. Their previous campaigns have directly led many top Japanese cosmetic companies (e.g. Shiseido and Rohto) to abolish animal testing within Japan.

For simplicity’s sake, only company names are listed. Most companies below own myriads of Japan-only cosmetic brands — it’s a futile (and mind-numbing) task for me to try to list them all below. Please search within the site or check the company’s site to find out what brands are under what companies.

(for cosmetics in Japan)
ALBION Co. ✓ (as of 2013) Official Response Letter to JAVA
ATTENIR ✓ (as of 2014) Official Response Letter to JAVA
(e.g. THREE)
Official Japanese Release 
BbyE Corporation
(e.g. Medel Natural)
Official Japanese Release
BCL Company
(e.g. Saborino)
JAVA Cosmetic Guide
Bison Corporation
(e.g. Baby Pink)
JAVA Cosmetic Guide
Beauty Experience Inc.
(e.g. BENE, Loretta)
Official Japanese Release 
Chifure JAVA Cosmetic Guide
CLUB Cosmetics Co. JAVA Cosmetic Guide
Cow Brand Soap JAVA Cosmetic Guide
DHC JAVA Cosmetic Guide
Dr. Ci:Labo Official Japanese Release
(e.g. RMK)
Official Japanese Release
FANCL Corporation ✓ (as of 2014) Official Japanese Release 
HABA Laboratories Inc. Official Japanese Release
Hechima Cologne Co. JAVA Cosmetic Guide
House of Rose Co. Official Japanese Release 
Ida Laboratories
(e.g. Canmake, Cezanne)
JAVA Cosmetic Guide
Isehan Co.
(e.g. Heroine Make, Sunkiller)
JAVA Cosmetic Guide
Ishizawa Laboratories
(e.g. Shigaisen Yohou)
Official Japanese Release
FUJIFILM ✓ (as of 2015)  Official Japanese Release
Juju Cosmetics Co.
(e.g. Aquamoist)
JAVA Cosmetic Guide
(e.g. Biore, Curel, Nivea)
✓ (as of Mar. 2015) Official Japanese Release
Kanebo Cosmetics Inc.
(e.g. ALLIE)
Official Japanese Release
KohGenDo Official Japanese Release
Kokuryudo Co.
(e.g. HIPITCH)
JAVA Cosmetic Guide
KOSE Corporation
✓ (as of 2013) Official Japanese Release
Kracie Holdings
(e.g. Hadabisei)
Official Response Letter to JAVA
LION Corporation
(e.g. Bathology, Hadakara)
Official Japanese Release 
Mandom Corporation
(e.g. Barrier Repair, GATSBY)
✓ (as of Mar. 2013) Official Japanese Release
(e.g. M-mark)
Official Japanese Release
Menard ✓ (as of Mar. 2009) Official Japanese Release
Meishoku (e.g. DETclear) JAVA Cosmetic Guide
MiMC Co. Official Japanese Release
MUJI Official Japanese Release
Nihonsakari Co. JAVA Cosmetic Guide
Noevir Group
(e.g. SANA Namerakahonpo)
✓ (as of May 2015) Official Japanese Release
NaturaPurify Institute Co.
(e.g 24h Cosme)
Official Japanese Release 
Oshima Tsubaki JAVA Cosmetic Guide
pdc Inc. Official Japanese Release
(e.g. POLA, ORBIS)
✓  (as of Jan. 2015) Official Japanese Release
RAFRA Official Japanese Release
ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co.
(e.g. Hada-Labo, Melano CC)
✓ (as of Jan. 2016) Official Japanese Release
ROSETTE Official Japanese Release
Sabondama Soap Co. Official Japanese Release
Saishunkan Co.
(e.g. Domo Horn Wrinkle)
✓ (as of 2003) Official Japanese Release
Shiseido Japan Co. ✓ (as of Apr. 2013) Official Japanese Release
Sunstar Inc. ✓ (as of 2003) Official Response Letter to JAVA
Taiyo Yushi Co.
Official Japanese Release
Utena Co. (e.g. PURESA) Official Japanese Release
Yakult Honsha Co.  ✓ (as of 2018) Official Japanese Release 
YANAGIYA  ✓ Official Japanese Release  
Companies’ policies and practices are subjected to change. Please direct any related questions or concerns you may have to the company in question.


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