My Top 5 SPF50+ PA++++ Japanese Sunscreens for 2016

Only new 2016 launches need apply!

Right. If you’ve followed me on the site for a while, then you will know that it’s time for my annual Japanese sunscreens ranking. I’ve been doing one every year in April/May since 2011!

In past years, I’ve deliberately picked sunscreens that are firmly in the budget category — a protective sunscreen that is a pleasure to use doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money! But wonderful formulas come in all budgets and it wouldn’t be fair to not include them just because they’re on the more expensive side. And so, I’ve chosen a variety of formulas for all budgets that I think suit a wide audience in this year’s run-down of my top five newly released SPF50+ PA++++ sunscreens of 2016.

Details of each of the sunscreens are linked below. If you missed last year’s top picks, you can check it out here.

So check out my picks below (in no particular order), plus some honourable mentions!

1) SKIN AQUA Super Moisture Gel SPF50+ PA++++ (2016 formula)

Putting sunscreen on everyday doesn’t to be a chore with this user-friendly sunscreen gel! It disappears into the skin completely without a trace. Skin feels fresh and comfortable, not tight, sticky, and greasy. Its fragrance-free, to-the-point formula and gender-neutral, pump packaging design makes daily application quick and easy — even for fussy men!

SKIN AQUA UV Super Moisture Gel SPF50+ PA++++ (2016 version)

2) NIVEA SUN Protect Plus UV Milky Essence

If Biore UV Aqua Watery Essence and Biore UV Perfect Milk had a baby, their child would be something like this. It’s like a toned down sunscreen milk (or an amped up sunscreen essence/gel) —  just slightly less mattifying and tenacious, feels less dry, and less runny in texture.

NIVEA Sun Protect Plus UV Milky Essence

3) ANESSA Perfect UV Sunscreen Aqua Booster

If you’re going swimming, fishing, windsurfing, or kayaking and need a reliable sunscreen that is close to being bulletproof then look no further. This milky sunscreen only does one thing — protects skin from UV damages when you’re in or near water (where you get even more UV exposure!) — but it does so very well! It keeps the skin from tanning or burning and it leaves no sticky residue for sand to get stuck on.

ANESSA Perfect UV Aqua Booster

4) JILL STUART Relax Aqua Chiffon Protector W

A beautifully formulated sunscreen gel for everyday wear is perfect for the décolleté area and hands. It applies beautifully and sinks in easily. There is nothing left at all to suggest that I’ve applied anything to my skin — apart from the light happy-inducing scent! It smells sweet, girly, and clean, and so uplifting in the warm, muggy weather!

JILL STUART Relax Aqua Chiffon Protector W

5) Point Magic PRO Pressed Powder UV

Yes, I know this isn’t a sunscreen, but it’s just wonderful for touching up makeup and sun protection during the day! Rather than absorbing oil and then simply stick to whatever base I have on, this UV face powder sits on top of the skin like a microfine velvet veil. It takes aways shine, blurs out imperfections, and gives a UV boost without looking heavy, dull, or dry. The beautiful embossed compact is just icing on the cake!

Point Magic PRO Pressed Powder UV

Honorable Mentions

Here’s more excellent ones that deserve a nod. These barely missed the cut because there’s no easy way to buy online outside of Japan (or Asia) at the moment of publishing. I like these just as much as my top 5 picks above! (One of them would have been among the top 5 if it wasn’t so difficult for find a worldwide stockist that carries the current formula!)

Dr. Ci:Labo UV & WHITE Moisture Milk SPF50+ PA++++ (2016 formula)

A sunscreen milk suitable for daily use and the outdoors that is packed full of antioxidants and moisturising ingredients. This newly upgraded formula is ultra-lightweight and has something of a ‘soft-focus’ finish that blurs out minor imperfections, but manages to give brilliant protection against UV rays and air pollutants. I say this would do quite nicely for anyone with normal-combination wanting something beyond basic sun protection from their sunscreen! Did I mention it’s water/sweat/sebum-resistant and free of alcohol and fragrance? (Hover over image below for ingredients.)Dr. Ci-Labo UV & WHITE Moisture Milk SPF50+ PA++++ (2016 formula)

 Country & Stream Honey UV Water Gel 50+

It’s alcohol-free and loaded with hydrating ingredients yet still feels light and refreshing on the skin. I especially love its easy-on easy off formula and refreshing honey lemon fragrance!

Country & Stream Honey UV Water Gel 50+

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