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Sunmedic UV Medicated Sun Protect N SPF50+ PA++++ [DISCONTINUED]

Release Date
sunmedic UV
Shiseido Medical Co.
Product Type
UV Filter(s)
Octinoxate, Tinosorb S, Uvinul T 150 & Zinc Oxide.

The product has been replaced or discontinued as of 2018.


Quasi-Drug (医薬部外品) Sunmedic UV Medicated Sun Protect N SPF50+ PA++++ is a Japanese sunscreen milk-gel for dry skin.

The milky gel sunscreen is formulated using Shiseido’s proprietary “Light Stamina” technology that releases the energy from UV light as heat to give the skin more long-lasting stable protection. It has an additive-free formula medicated with Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate and vitamin E to prevent irritation. A blend of “Amino Moisture” (sodium glutamate, arginine HCL, sodium PCA, and glycerin) and Super Hyaluronic Acid keeps dry skin hydrated.

Ideal for daily use and outdoor activities.

  • For face and body.
  • Resistant to water, sweat, and sebum.
  • Double as a makeup base.
  • Removable with a face wash.

Skin Type(s):   
Beauty Concern(s):
UV Protection:      


Active(s): Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate & Tocopheryl Acetate.

Other Ingredients: Water,, sodium glutamate,, arginine HCL,, sodium PCA,, glycerin,, hydrogenated polyisobutene,, ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate,, butylene glycol,, dimethicone,, bis-ethylhexyloxyphenol methoxyphenyl triazine,, ethylhexyl triazone,, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil,, propylene glycol,, HDI/trimethylol hexyllactone crosspolymer,, hydrated silica,, isostearic acid,,  hydrogenated poly(C6-12 olefin),, dimethylacrylamide/sodium acryloyldimethyltaurate crosspolymer,, do.not.copy,, hydrogen dimethicone,, sorbitan sesquiisostearate,, succinoglucan,, citric acid,, BHT,, disodium EDTA,, cellulose gum,, silica,, sodium citrate,, sodium acetylated hyaluronate,, cyclopentasiloxane,, trimethylsiloxysilicate,, phenoxyethanol,, zinc oxide.


「サンメディックUV 薬用サンプロテクト n」の有効成分:グリチルリチン酸ジカリウム、酢酸DL-α-トコフェロール

その他の成分: L-グルタミン酸ナトリウム、L-アルギニン塩酸塩、DL-ピロリドンカルボン酸ナトリウム液、濃グリセリン、精製水、軽質イソパラフィン、パラメトキシケイ皮酸2-エチルヘキシル、1.3-ブチレングリコール、メチルポリシロキサン、2.4-ビス-((4-(2-エチルヘキシルオキシ)-2-ヒドロキシ)-フェニル)-6-(4-メトキシフェニル)-1.3.5-トリアジン、ポリオキシエチレン硬化ヒマシ油、ポリプロピレングリコール、ヘキサメチレンジイソシアネート/トリメチロールヘキシルラクトン架橋ポリマー、含水ケイ酸、イソステアリン酸、α-オレフィンオリゴマー、架橋型N、N-ジメチルアクリルアミド-2-アクリルアミド-2-メチルプロパンスルホン酸ナトリウム共重合体、メチルハイドロジェンポリシロキサン、セスキイソステアリン酸ソルビタン、サクシノグルカン、クエン酸、ジブチルヒドロキシトルエン、エデト酸二ナトリウム、カルボキシメチルセルロースナトリウム、無水ケイ酸、クエン酸ナトリウム、アセチル化ヒアルロン酸ナトリウム、デカメチルシクロペンタシロキサン、トリメチルシロキシケイ酸、フェノキシエタノール、酸化亜鉛、低温焼成酸化亜鉛

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4 Comments on Sunmedic UV Medicated Sun Protect N SPF50+ PA++++ [DISCONTINUED]

  1. Hello,what difference between sunmedic uv medicated sun protect N spf 50 and sunmedic uv medicated sun protect EX spf 50 ? Is suit EX for oily and acne prone skin?

  2. Is there a white-cast to this product? The ingredients and the fact that it is alcohol-free are super intriguing, but I don’t want to risk any cast. I’ve been using the Clarins sunscreen for years because of how moisturizing it is, and I think it’s time to switch it up.

    • I feel it depends on your skin tone and how generous you are with application. I personally didn’t notice any but I’ve light skin tone.

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