suisai Beauty Clear Powder

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Release Date
2009.5.16 Repackaged in 2012; REFORMULATED in 2016.
0.4g Capsule × 15/32
Kanebo Cosmetics Inc.
Product Type
Cleansing powder
¥1,000 / ¥2,000

Quasi-Drug (医薬部外品) Suisai Beauty Clear Powder is a exfoliating Japanese cleansing powder. It replaces Suisai Beauty Clear Powder AP launched in 2007.

The powder face wash features 2 enzymes with amino acid-derived surfactants to lift away pore-clogging dead skin cells and excess sebum that can lead to adult acne. Its rich, dense foam gently cleanse while preventing moisture loss for brighter, smoother, pore-less skin.

Suisai Beauty Clear Powder is renewed in September 2016 to feature more stabilised enzymes to better exfoliate skin. It also works into a better quality foamy lather that is denser and finer. 

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Empty 1 capsule into palm and add small amount of warm water to work into a generous lather. Gentle cleanse skin for 30 seconds in circular motion then rinse with warm water for 30 seconds ensuring all traces of product is removed.



Active(s): Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate.

Other Ingredients: Talc,, sodium C14-16 olefin sulfonate,, sodium myristoyl glutamate,, sodium cocoyl isethionate,, sodium lauroyl glutamate,, cocamidopropyl betaine,, potassium laurate,, carrageenan,, silk powder,, dimethicone/methicone copolymer,, do.not.copy,, nasturtium officinale extract,, soymilk ferment filtrate,, polyquaternium-51,, paraben,, butylene glycol,, isostearyl alcohol,, protease,, lipase,, lactic acid,, potassium hydroxide.


Full Ingredients: Talc,, sodium cocoyl isethionate,, sodium C14-16 olefin sulfonate,, sodium lauroyl glutamate,, sodium myristoyl glutamate,, potassium laureate,, carrageenan,, silk powder,, water,, methicone,, butylene glycol,, isostearyl alcohol,, BHT,, alcohol,, do.not.copy,, polyquaternium-51,, lactobacillus/ soymilk ferment filtrate,, nasturtium officinale extract,, lactic acid,, potassium hydroxide,, protease,, lipase,, methylparaben,, phenoxyethanol.


suisai ビューティクリアパウダー」の全成分:クリチルリチン酸シ゛カリウム*/タルク/テトラテ゛センスルホン酸ナトリウム/ミリストイルク゛ルタミン酸ナトリウム/ヤシ油脂肪酸アシルイセチオン酸ナトリウム/ラウロイルク゛ルタミン酸ナトリウム/ヤシ油脂肪酸アミト゛フ゜ロヒ゜ルヘ゛タイン/ラウリン酸カリウム/カラキ゛ーナン/シルク末/メチルハイト゛ロシ゛ェンホ゜リシロキサン/オランタ゛カラシエキス/豆乳醗酵液/2-メタクリロイルオキシエチルホスホリルコリン・メタクリル酸フ゛チル共重合体液/ハ゜ラヘ゛ン/BG/イソステアリルアルコール/フ゜ロテアーセ゛ー1/リハ゜ーセ゛ー2/乳酸/水酸化カリウム *は「有効成分」無表示は「その他の成分」

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Rakuten Global Market 32 (2016 ver.), ¥1,923 (approx. US$17.09) »
15 (2016 ver.), ¥809 (approx. US$6.79) »
YesStyle 15, US$17.34 »

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