Product Discovery Friday: CELLNIQUE Intensive Hydrating Complex

CELLNIQUE Intensive Hydrating Complex

My desk has a random assortment of cosmetics and their media releases that have made their way to me. Amongst the pile, 2 products are uniquely different. How so? Unlike the rest, they were specifically chosen by yours truly.

So on to Cellnique’s Intensive Hydrating Complex. As is the way with my Product Discovery Friday reviews, I am going in to this without any hang-ups or prejudices. I have no idea what Cellnique Paramedical is about, how much this serum costs, or what the ‘Expert Series’ is. I’ll say one thing though: its ingredient list is why this serum was picked.

Nice, very sturdy pump bottle with very simple, medically-inspired packaging. The box is oddly large for such a small bottle. It is sturdy. I think I can toss it out the window with a 10+ storeys drop and the bottle inside would be completely unscratched.  Rather excessive but it does protect quite well against postal workers who seem to like to throw packages like disposing trash.

Let see what the box says: A lightweight formulation with high concentration of Hyaluronic Acid and Essential Amino Acids. Helps bind moisture to restore elasticity of the skin. It thereby minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and helps deliver an instant supple and smooth skin.

[See the ingredient list]

OK, no surprise here. Hold on now. Something is different.

[Check the website]

Ingredient lists aren’t the same! Very similar, yes but ingredients slightly differ and in different order. I’m guessing I have the reformulated version and the website’s is the old one? I don’t mind, in fact, I prefer the formulation I have over the other.  Still, I feel it is a misrepresentation of the product.

The colour-less serum is quite thick and goopy yet it spreads easily on the skin and it feels ultra-lightweight without any stickiness. Love the fact that it is not only fragrance-free but also scent-free.

Skin feels quite refreshed and smooth after use. It doesn’t have enough oomph to make a huge difference to my drier, flakier areas like the sides of my nose but it does a nice job at hydrate my normal areas.

I love the formulation of the serum—simple and straight-forward with no unnecessary additives—just water, blend of amino acids and hydrators, stabiliser, pH adjuster, and preservatives. A breath of fresh air from the sea of high-priced silicone-filled serums with mile-long ingredient lists that seem to saturate the market.

Amino acids cannot affect or rebuild wrinkles; however, they do act as mild antioxidant and have wound-healing abilities. Plus, like hyaluronic acid, they help skin retain water.

It will not make a huge improvement in skin tone or texture but it is a nice hydrating, barrier-protective serum. My skin overall looks more radiant and smooth after use.

A 30ml bottle retails for RM189/SGD87 at Cellnique stores across Malaysia and Singapore or US$63 from their online store HERE.

Ingredients listed on the box that I have: Purified water (aqua),, butylene glycol,, algin,, sodium citrate,, atelocollagen,, serine,, sodium hyaluronate,, vitamin b5 (penthanol),, glycerin,, glyceryl polymethacrylate,, aloe vera (aloe barbadensis) leaf extract,, glycine,, proline,, alanine,, arginine,, threonine,, glutamic acid,, lysine,, methylparaben, propylparaben.

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