Product Discovery Friday: Purenavi Makeup Remover

Purenavi Makeup Remover

Site is long overdue for a Product Disovery Friday review. Backlog is piling up quickly so I’m jumping right into it. This week’s product turns to Purenavi Makeup Remover from Kracie.

What is it? An additive-free eye and lip makeup remover with a bi-phase formulation for sensitive/delicate skin. It dissolves and wipes away long-wearing makeup in seconds without irritating skin or eyes. Skin feels refreshed yet moisturized without any residue.

The packaging is your standard plastic bottle. Looks exactly like something you can find at a 100 Yen shop like Daiso. It serves its purpose well enough but the white flip cap is rather flimsy. I can see myself breaking it after repeated opening and closing.

My makeup remover of choice is a cleansing oil and it has been for the past decade. This does not look as though it’ll take off anything waterproof. While its distinctive separated clear and blue layers look rather similar to other bi-phase removers, the blue oily layer on top is very shallow in comparison to the clear watery layer below it.

[Shake-Shake-Shake… and onto a cotton pad. ]

It appears to be rather light and liquid-y yet it is oilier than expected. It is definitely fragrance-free but not scent-free. There is an oil smell that I can definitely do without.

After one press (holding for approx. 20 seconds) and swipe, it dissolved Giorgio Armani  Eyes To Kill Intense eyeshadow and most of MAC Fluidline eyeliner. It has hardly made any headway in dissolving Maybelline Volum’ Express The Falsies Waterproof Mascara. Skin feels quite filmy and greasy.

[Two more attempts later. ]

I’m about half way there. My eyes are a bit blurry and the skin around the eyes are slighty red – no doubt from all the  swiping which my eye area is not used to. I can probably have everything off  if I give it 2 more attempts.

This is more efficient than I thought since it can remove waterproof eye makeup quite well… just not mascara. After several press-and-swipes (without any rubbing), my Maybelline waterproof mascara – which transfers to the skin rather easily compared to Japanese brands – is still visible. This would probably fare a lot better for those who use washable mascaras.

Its formulation might be gentler than other bi-phase removers but at the end of the day, it still requires swiping with cotton pad, which I rather avoid if I’m given a choice. Its inability to effectively remove mascara and the oily film it leaves behind make me conclude that this would not be a good choice for those who prefer a no water skin cleansing routine.

Retails for around 648 Japanese Yen/145ml at drugstores and supermarkets across Japan.

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