KATE Concealing Cover Pact [DISCONTINUED]

KATE Concealing Cover Pact

Release Date
Kanebo Cosmetics Inc.
Product Type
Powder Foundation
Refill/¥2,000 Case/¥800
UV Filter(s)
Octinoxate, Titanium Dioxide, & Zinc Oxide.

The product has been replaced or discontinued as of 2015.


Kate is Japanese drugstore makeup brand for girls in their late teens and early 20s. by Kanebo. Its ‘For Cover’ line is developed in response to the high demand among girls with imperfection-prone skin for high coverage makeup that covers blemishes, acne marks, and large pores to give the appearance of fresh model-like skin.

KATE Concealing Cover Pact (also officially called Kate Concealing Powder Foundation) is a Japanese powder foundation with “flash-and-cover” effect.

The high coverage foundation covers like concealer and it has a light-diffusing effect that diminishes the appearance of pores and redness, creating long-lasting porelain-smooth skin.

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Mica,, talc,, alumina,, polymethyl methacrylate,, nylon-12,, dimethicone,, petrolatum,, boron nitride,, mineral oil,, perfluorooctyl triethoxysilane,, diphenyl dimethicone/vinyl diphenyl dimethicone/silsesquioxane crosspolymer,, ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate,, calcium stearate,, ethylhexyl palmitate,, methicone,, ratzillacosme,, aluminum hydroxide,, ratzillacosme.com do.not.copy,, silica,, squalane,, myristic acid,, dimethicone/methicone copolymer,, beeswax,, isostearyl alcohol,, soluble collagen,, chitosan,, phenoxyethanol,, sodium dehydroacetate,, paraben,, titanium dioxide,, zinc oxide,, iron oxides.


「ケイト コンシーリングカバーパクト」の全成分:・マイカ・タルク・アルミナ・ポリメタクリル酸メチル・ナイロン-12・ジメチコン・ワセリン・窒化ホウ素・ミネラルオイル・パーフルオロオクチルトリエトキシシラン・(ジフェニルジメチコン/ビニルジフェニルジメチコン/シルセスキオキサン)クロスポリマー・メトキシケイヒ酸オクチル・ステアリン酸カリウム・パルミチン酸オクチル・メチコン・水酸化アルミニウム・シリカ・スクワラン・ミリスチン酸・(ジメチコン/メチコン)コポリマー・ミツロウ・イソステアリルアルコール・水溶性コラーゲン・キトサン・フェノキシエタノール・デヒドロ酢酸ナトリウム・パラベン・酸化チタン・酸化亜鉛・酸化鉄

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