Biore UV Perfect Milk SPF50+ PA++++

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RatzillaCosme Approved

Launch Date: 2015.2.21 Repackaged in 2016 & 2017.
Packaging: 40ml
Brand: Biore
Producer: Kao Corporation
Product Type: Sunscreen
Price: ¥698


UV Filter(s): Zinc Oxide, Octinoxate, Uvinul A Plus, Titanium Dioxide & Tinosorb S.

 US$8.39+: HERE

Rakuten Global Market
 Regular, ¥667 (approx. US$5.37): HERE 
Shipping (EMS/Airmail/SAL) charged by weight.

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  • Yes it is. Do read the product info above. All info is there.

  • Japanese cosmetics manufacturers do not disclose UV filters’ percentages — just like European companies. European and Japanese sunscreens don’t list them as they’re classified as cosmetics not drugs.

  • Lexy

    Does Biore offer this in larger sizes than 40ml? It feels like I’m creating so much waste with these small bottles 🙁

    • No, it only comes in one size.

  • Angela

    Your site is so amazing and informative, thank you!! I hope this is not a dumb question and I try not to ask questions that you’ve already addressed, so I looked through quite a few posts first… But I have a few questions (so sorry!)

    First, what is the difference between daily use sunscreens and sunscreens that aren’t? (For example, under your shiseido anessa review you replied someone’s comment saying that it isn’t for daily use… why?).

    Second, while I understand that the Biore Aqua Rich Watery Gel can be used daily, can this Biore perfect milk OR the Biore bright milk be used on the face daily (if you live in a sunny hot place)?

    Third, which would you recommend between the two: Biore Perfect milk (blue) or the Bright milk (pink)?

    • Sunscreens formulated for everyday use are formulated for incidental sun exposure (where you’re indoor most of the day) — kinda like Western market’s SPF moisturisers. If you live in a place that’s hot and sunny year round though, they wouldn’t be ideal even for daily use (as they won’t withstand the heat or the intense sun).

      Some of the new outdoors sunscreens are specially formulated for water activities and extreme sports (e.g. Anessa new Aqua Booster line). They feel far too suffocating to be used daily — like having a cling wrap over the skin.

  • Angela

    Hi can i remove this with just facial wash? Or must I use cleansing oil and facial wash? Thank you so much for your wonderful site:)

    Also, do you think this is suitable for people with dry skin but who need a water resistant sunscreen to be outdoors/under strong sun?

    • Normal cleansing foam or body wash is fine.

      Depends on what you expect from it. This is lightweight, matte, and protective, but it also offers the skin absolutely no moisture and can also be drying. You may want to prep your skin with a rich moisturiser underneath to offset any dryness from the sunscreen.

  • No, they have the same formula.

  • meowscakes

    I see no difference in the images for packaging for the Biore UV Milks (all three pages on RatzillaCosme) from the 2015 and 2016 versions, is that correct? I thought the packaging had been updated and similar in style to Biore UV Aqua Rich Gel Lotion. Just thought I should let you know if this isn’t correct.

    Thanks for constantly translating ingredients! (And sorry if this was posted twice.)

    • There are! Check again very closely! Differences are very slight but they’re there! Hint: pay close attention to the text areas!

  • hjkhjkj

    how much do you put? cos i read that on the package it recommends 1/4 TEASPOON, but isnt the normal sunscreen recommendation 1/4 TABLESPOON?

    • The package recommends adaquate amount — no specific measurements.

  • Lana

    Do u try remove this sunscreen with body soap?

    • I don’t really use this on my body, but it washes off from my hands just fine using regular soap.