Japan uses the PA classification system to measure UVA protection.

PA+ is PPD 2 to 4
PA++ is PPD 4 to 8
PA+++ is PPD 8 to 16
PA+++++ is PPD 16 and up

Please read Japan PA System for UVA Protection Revised for more information.

AthleteX Sun Protect SPF50+ PA++++

Launch Date: 2015
Packaging: 40g
Brand: AthleteX 
Producer: Amique Group Co.
Product Type: Sunscreen
Price: ¥2,800


UV Filter(s): Zinc Oxide, Octinoxate, Titanium Dioxide & …

Japanese Sunscreen Comparison Chart

A handy categorised comparison chart of the top 20 most popular SPF50+ PA++++ Japanese sunscreens of 2017 on RatzillaCosme (based on view counts).


Macchia Label Sun Protect UV Gel

Launch Date: 2017.3.1
Packaging: 30ml
Brand: Macchia Label
Producer: JIMOS Co.
Product Type: Sunscreen
Price: ¥2,000


UV Filter(s): Octinoxate, Octocrylene, Uvinul A Plus & …

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