What’s In My Bag (Autumn 2018)

What's In My Bag (Autumn 2018)

There’s something incredibly satisfying about poking around in someone else’s things. It’s so fun and nosy, isn’t it? So let’s delve into my current bag to see what kind of stuff I have floating about.

The bag itself is Loeffler Randall’s Cruise Tassel Tote, which is made of canvas with leather trimmings. Lightweight and roomy enough to even use as a small weekend bag (you’d get a change of clothes in there, at least). I got it at La Maison Simons over the summer but you can find it online here.

Inside, the absolute essentials would be just my:

  • iPhone
  • Comme des Garçons Wallet
  • Keys (Which are inside the Harris Tweed key case)

All of the bumph:

  • Swiss Army knife
  • Tide to Go Pen (The prints are half rubbed off.)
  • Aluminium Card Case (It holds cards that I don’t often use.)
  • Lighter (It isn’t mine. I don’t smoke but I have friends who do, so I often find one of theirs in my bag.)
  • JMsolution Glow Luminous Flower Sun Stick SPF50+ PA++++
  • Feminine Hygiene Products (inside the little fuchsia/purple bag with the “U” on the zipper)
  • SHURE Earphones
  • iPad
  • Rayban Sunglasses

I use the soft blue mesh bag as a protector when I’m changing — slip it over the head to protect clothes from makeup (and vice versa). The clear white mesh bag holds my unfinished amigurumi projects and crochet hooks.

The black bag is where I keep my beauty items. You’ll have seen a few items from my past reviews and blog posts. Currently I have the following:

And that’s it!

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