Top 5: From the Deciem Sale


Deciem have a good sale going on at the moment. Sometimes beauty sales consist only of obscure products that nobody in their right mind ever wanted or have a long list of exclusions. Not so […]

Top 5: Essential Summer Beauty Products


The first blog post in 2 months is here: my top 5, this time on essential summer beauty products. I’m slipping in this post just before summer comes to an end. All the products are actually just […]

Top 5: Hairstyles I Love for the Summer


There’s something about the change in the weather that makes me want to hit ‘refresh’ on my hair. As with summer quickly approaching, I’ve been contemplating a new style for the new season ahead. Here […]

Top 5: Beauty Multitaskers I Actually Use


I find myself rolling my eyes a bit when I see so-called “best multitasking beauty products” in magazine articles. If I had a dollar for every time Canmake Cream Cheek or NARS The Multiple is mentioned, I […]

Top 5: Beauty Products I’m Intrigued By


It feels like every week I develop some sort of obsession; sometimes it’s a perfect “spring” leather jacket, other times it’s dark grey mercerised 100% cotton thread for my crochet project. (I’m still hunting for […]