Best Pick: Make Up For Ever Full Cover Extreme Camouflage Cream

Best Pick Make Up For Ever Full Cover Extreme Camouflage Cream

As an effort to stay on my site’s topic, I try to write about Japanese products only. That being said, the products I love and have repurchased many times come from all the world so it’s only natural that My Best & Worst Picks would reflect that.

I have used Make Up For Ever Full Cover Extreme Camouflage Cream (a.k.a MUFE Full Cover) since it first launched in 2006 and it has quickly became one of my must-have beauty products. I have tried other similar concealers (full coverage, matte-finish, waterproof/water-resistant) but none hold a candle to my beloved MUFE Full Cover.

The reason I love it is quite simple. It covers incredibly well with just a tiny amount (no layering needed) and it stays put while looking natural.  Its thick creamy texture feels smooth and it doesn’t cake, sink into pores, nor emphasize flakiness or dry skin.

Many women purposely pick a concealer that is slightly lighter than their own skin colour but I personally think this is quite odd to do. I choose concealer shade the same as foundation — it has to be a perfect match. Since concealers generally have quite limited shade selection, it’s not easy to find a perfect match.  I use #6 Ivory, and it blends and disappears into my skin completely. The match is that perfect. In fact, I sometimes mix a tiny amount into my moisturiser and use it as a sheer foundation.

I use it to cover redness near the nose, minor discolouration in the inner corners of the eyes, and the rare pimples that pop up. It is pretty much resistant to everything — water, sweat, sebum, transfer… Once its on, it’s not going anywhere until you use a makeup remover. The squeeze tube with its narrow tip allows me to dispense the exact amount no matter how little.

A 15ml tube costs CDN$36/US$30 from (HERE) so it appears to be quite a splurge for a concealer but since such a minimal amount is required, it’s actually quite economical. A tube lasts me more than 1.5 years with daily use.

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5 years ago

I find that sometimes the concealers we find in western countries tend to either be too pink or to oxidize after application into an orangey shade. Does MUFE’s have that kind of problems?

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