If you’re reading this, you’ve found the new subsite of RatzillaCosme! I’ve been pondering the idea of starting this blog for a while — an informal, personal site that allows me to simply pour out […]

Skincare Snapshot, December 2018


These were all the skincare products that I’ve been using to placate my slightly winter-dry skin when I felt a pimple beginning to form. I added 2 supplementary skincare things as an emergency measure. It’s worth […]

My Short Hair Essentials


I’ve had quite a few requests to post more about short hair styles. Like everyone says, getting your hair cut short can be addicting. When I chopped my long hair short over the summer, it was […]

What I’ve Been Doing


It has been a month since I last posted something on my blog, and so I thought I’d give you a little run-down of what I’ve been up to this week or so. Apart from […]

Skincare Snapshot, November 2018


You’d think that after a few months of posting these, I would have thought of a more clever title — but it’s all pretty self-explanatory. It’s a snapshot of all the skincare products that I used the day […]

What’s In My Bag (Autumn 2018)


There’s something incredibly satisfying about poking around in someone else’s things. It’s so fun and nosy, isn’t it? So let’s delve into my current bag to see what kind of stuff I have floating about. The bag […]

The Time I Had a One-Sided Love


This is for my young friend Marie (not her real name) who recently asked me the age-old question on love. Many years ago, I really liked a certain guy for 3 years. 3 whole bloody […]

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