Top 5- Beauty Multitaskers I Actually Use

I find myself rolling my eyes a bit when I see so-called “best multitasking beauty products” in magazine articles. If I had a dollar for every time Canmake Cream Cheek or NARS The Multiple is mentioned, I wouldn’t need a job. Eternal repetitiveness aside, how many people honestly use these dual-use lip and cheek products on both their lips and cheeks? Certainly not me! Some are also beyond ridiculous. I mean I could use that black eyeliner on my lips like they proudly boast, but why on earth would I do that? And I’m sure most people didn’t know that Vaseline is not just a lubricant. (Note the sarcasm.)

So here are my top 5 beauty products that I actually do use to multitask.

Naturie Skin Conditioning Gel

Naturie Hatomugi Skin Conditioning Gel is a brilliant one-pot wonder for those who want maximum hydration without grease or stickiness, lightweight feel, and instant soothing effect. I slather it on both my face and body. The brand says this is a serum gel, but it leaves my skin feeling so perfectly quenched and plumped that I don’t need to follow-up with anything else. In the summer, I like to keep it in the fridge for a bonus cooling effect. I raved about this before over on the main site — do read the full review if you haven’t already! The gel costs less than ¥900 in Japan and it comes in a generous 180g tub.

TRANSINO Whitening CC Cream SPF50+ PA++++

This is a cream I reach for if I don’t have the time for various potions and unguents. TRANSINO Whitening CC Cream SPF50+ PA++++ claims to do the job of 5 products, having the effects of a dark-spot treating serum, lightweight moisturiser, sunscreen, primer, and colour corrector. And that is exactly what it does on my relatively normal skin. I just use this after a quick spritz with a hydrating mist. Its texture is lightweight and the coverage is sheer, so I can slap it on all over generously without feeling heavy or looking unnatural. It also features the same blend of active key ingredients as Transino’s skincare products so I don’t feel as though I’m sacrificing my ‘anti-discolouration precautions’.

The Product Hair Wax

Hair wax is not normally a product you’d consider to be a multitasker, but The Product Hair Wax from Kokobuy is certainly one! This shea-butter wax balm contains just 5 ingredients and they’re 100% certified organic and sustainably wildcrafted. Melt a small amount between fingertips and work into the ends of hair, gives moisture, shine and natural hold. It also works marvellously for on-the-spot relief for dry lips or for dry, rough skin anywhere.

Misao Fermentation Beauty Cleansing Serum (2016 version)

This is one of my most-used beauty products when I’m away from home: Misao Fermentation Beauty Cleansing Serum. I’ve used this (and its previous formula) for years — it’s my all-in-one skincare solution for travelling without bringing various tubes and bottles and jars. If I need to save time and/or space, this and a tinted SPF are all I need! It melts away makeup and cleanses skin well, and it leaves my normal skin feeling so soft, smooth, and perfectly moisturised afterwards that I don’t feel I need anything else. Containing boatloads of beneficial ingredients, I feel comfortable with using it to replace all the steps for a few days straight.

There’re myriad of palettes out there, but Canmake Perfect Multi Eyes lends itself particularly well to being ultra travel and user-friendly. The credit card-sized palette does it all from eyeshadows to brows, and even eyeliner. The natural shades are blendable and have just the right amount of pigment that makes them absolutely fool-proof. It’s also cheap as chips — RRP is just ¥780. Its ultra-compact size and affordable price make it perfect for tossing in my small portable makeup bag.