My Little Hobby

I have a hobby of crocheting small amigurumi (編みぐるみ), or crocheted/knitted stuffed toys. It’s certainly no secret for those who have seen my Instagram. You might be surprised to know that few people I know in real life actually know about it. For some reason, this isn’t something that ever comes up in conversations.

I grew up in a home where it was considered necessary to have a hobby. One could not be a well-rounded person without a hobby, according to my parents. I acquired a multitude of hobbies during my early formative years, but only this one stuck with me to adulthood. There’s just something so special and therapeutic about making something unique with your own two hands from scratch!

I primarily make animated characters (fanart) and I prefer to use cotton threads over yarns. I started out following Japanese patterns but nowadays, most of the stuff I make is done freehand with the help of reference photos. Regarding taking commissions or selling my works: I don’t do either because I don’t have the time (and it’d also be illegal since I usually make things based on copyrighted characters).

I hope to make my little hobby a regular feature here on this blog. I’m not sure what kind of content I will be posting yet. Maybe showcasing some of the stuff I’ve made in more detail and also sharing some tutorials and tips?


  1. Alice

    Hi Ratzilla,

    I’ve seen your amigurumi on Instagram, they’re so adorable! It’s really admirable how you can create something so meticulous from scratch, and handmade at that. I’m sure it’ll be a nice addition to the blog especially for those who follow your website but don’t use Instagram.

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