Skincare Snapshot, November 2019


Skincare snapshot time. These are the skincare products that I’ve been using, more or less, for the past month. Ready for the quick run-down? AM 🌞 Wash face with water only. ALLNA Organic Natural Lotion NIOD Survival […]

Skincare Snapshot, October 2019


I haven’t done one of these in a while; I’m back with another skincare snapshot. AM 🌞 SENGAN SENKA Perfect Whip (2018 formula) Paul & Joe Herbal Lotion Sidmool Pure Bifida 95 Ampoule JUNPAKU SENKA […]

Skincare Snapshot, June 2019


Here we are with June’s ‘skincare snapshot’. A reader recently asked me about neck care. Like Caroline Hirons says, “Take it to the tits. Your face doesn’t end at your chin in skincare.” I think that’s very […]

Skincare Snapshot, May 2019


Temperature is hovering in the upper 20s C so I’ve been keeping layering minimal in the morning to keep skin feeling fresh and comfortable. AM 🌞 Bifesta Foaming Whip Bright Up Naturie Hatomugi Skin Conditioner […]

Skincare Snapshot, April 2019


I get 3 sessions of IPL treatment roughly every 3-5 years to give my skin the freshest possible slate, and I had my last session about 2 weeks ago. My “downtime” had been non-existent. I’ve been using Retin-A […]

Skincare Snapshot, March 2019


Triggered by the IPL treatment sessions I’ve had recently, I’ve kicked off my skin care regimen into full-gear. More specifically, I’ve started using Retin-A (again). The gold standard for anti-ageing (and acne) that is proven […]

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