Photo Diary: Skin / Makeup


Documenting all the products that I used on my face yesterday. The Vichy and The Ordinary serums are both relatively new. They were send to me ages ago, but to my Vancouver address, so I’ve […]

Summer Beauty Essentials


Some of my summer beauty essentials for you here. Note that I use the word “essential” very loosely; because the only real summer beauty essential is sunscreen. But here are some useful little things that […]

Photo Diary: Skin & Hair Care


Documenting the skincare and hair products that I used yesterday. If you read my posts on the main site regularly, you’ll have seen that I wrote full-page reviews on a few products featured in the […]

Skincare Routine: Summer 2018


A skincare routine update, because the last time I posted one was 3 years ago here on the main site. For those who might not know, I’m in my early 30s and my skin is normal […]

Photo Diary: Skin / Makeup / Fashion


Documenting my skincare, makeup, and outfit of the day (well, technically yesterday) via pictures. Quick reference list of everything shown is below. Cow Brand Mutenka Moisturising Facial Foam (AM) MUJI Mild Oil Cleansing (PM) SEKKISEI […]

The Long & Short of It


I’m considering having my hair cut. Does anyone else have this eternal self-inflicted cut-hair-then-grow-it-out cycle? I always want to change my hair once I’ve grown it long — it’s a vicious cycle that I fear […]

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