Skincare Snapshot, March 2019


Triggered by the IPL treatment sessions I’ve had recently, I’ve kicked off my skin care regimen into full-gear. More specifically, I’ve started using Retin-A (again). The gold standard for anti-ageing (and acne) that is proven […]

Skincare Snapshot, February 2019


I get 3 sessions (spaced about a month apart) of IPL treatment roughly every 3-5 years to give my skin the freshest possible slate. Since I had a few post-pimple dark marks that I wanted to […]

Some Japanese Beauty Dupes


Dupes — cheaper products that are comparable to more expensive ones. They should — and should is the operative word here — be very similar in ingredients, colour, finish, and/or consistency to the “original”. You might […]

New Self-Discovery


Good God, I’ve changed a lot in the last 6 years, haven’t I? If you told my 2012 self I’d cut all my hair off 6 years later completely on my own accord, I wouldn’t have believed you. […]

Skincare Snapshot, January 2019


A very Happy New Year to you all. It’s 2019 and I’m kicking things off with the first Skincare Snapshot of the year. These were all the skincare products that I’ve been slathering to beat the […]

Skincare Snapshot, December 2018


These were all the skincare products that I’ve been using to placate my slightly winter-dry skin when I felt a pimple beginning to form. I added 2 supplementary skincare things as an emergency measure. It’s worth […]

My Short Hair Essentials


I’ve had quite a few requests to post more about short hairstyles. Like everyone says, getting your hair cut short can be addicting. When I chopped my long hair short over the summer, it was more […]

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