Greys, Blondes & Bleach


I inherited my head of natural brown hair (uncommon amongst East Asians) from my dad and premature greying from my mum. It wasn’t a disheartening rite of passage spotting my first grey hair when I was […]

Top 5: Hairstyles I Love for the Summer


There’s something about the change in the weather that makes me want to hit ‘refresh’ on my hair. As with summer quickly approaching, I’ve been contemplating a new style for the new season ahead. Here […]

Everything I Use On My Hair


Here is a roundup of literally all the hair products I use in one neat post. Because people are always asking and I don’t delve into it on my main site or social media. Mine […]

New Self-Discovery


Good God, I’ve changed a lot in the last 6 years, haven’t I? If you told my 2012 self I’d cut all my hair off 6 years later completely on my own accord, I wouldn’t have believed you. […]

My Short Hair Essentials


I’ve had quite a few requests to post more about short hairstyles. Like everyone says, getting your hair cut short can be addicting. When I chopped my long hair short over the summer, it was more […]

My Must-Bookmark Sites for Hair Inspirations


I change my hairstyle just about as often as people change their clothes. I visit the salon just about every month and I always change things up. Over the years, I’ve had everything from long mermaid hair to ear […]

The Long & Short of It


I’m considering having my hair cut. Does anyone else have this eternal self-inflicted cut-hair-then-grow-it-out cycle? I always want to change my hair once I’ve grown it long — it’s a vicious cycle that I fear […]