What’s in My Bag (Early Summer 2018)

Just a bit of fun. A snoop inside my bag. It’s a pretty true representation of the day’s content — granted, I do remove old receipts, empty wrappers, and other rubbish.

To the contents of my bag. Which right now is a slim black leather backpack that I bought a year or 2 ago from either Saks Off Fifth or Nordstrom Rack (can’t remember which). The leather is buttery soft.

Firstly, the nick-nacks: a TYLT battery pack with build-in cable, a Tide to Go Pen with its print half rubbed off, and some earphones. Some women inexplicably find 6 lipsticks kicking around in the bottom of their bags, but for me that would be earphones. There’re currently 3 pairs in my bag — Shure IEMs, Sennheiser, and a pair of bluetooth wireless by Monster.

What else? My Comme des Garçons wallet: Japanese brand and it’s virtually indestructible — I’ve used it daily for years and it still looks completely brand new. Its origami-esque coin pocket is a genius. I bought mine from duty-free, but it’s quite affordable even at regular retail. Sitting underneath the wallet and the iPhone, is an iPad. You can also see my toy instant camera, the Fujifilm Instax 70 which is fun and satisfying. Directly above it would be my keys housed inside a Harris Tweed key case from Daiso.

The final piece of the puzzle: that little black bag. It’s actually a small leather clutch from American Apparel many years ago, and that is where I keep all my beauty items. Some might be surprised that I don’t lug a lot of products with me, considering that I run a beauty website!

You’ll have seen a few items before from my past reviews. Gatsby’s Powdered Oil Clear Paper for a start — they’re my all-time favourite oil-blotter and I’ve used them for years. And you’ve seen me talking about Point Magic PRO Pressed Powder UV SPF50+ PA++++ a few times now: it’s perfect for quick touch-ups. I’ve used Make Up For Ever Full Cover concealer for over 10 years. If you wanted to conceal scars, dark spots, or acne then this is the stuff that you’d want to go for. A little goes a long way — I’ve been using that tube for a year and a half now! The Lucas Papaw Ointment is new to me; it’s a kind of multi-purpose salve but I mainly use it as a lipbalm. The compact with a dog on it is Missha Original Tension Pact, which is convenient if I’ve been out all day and need to quickly fix my makeup.

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