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2017 Sunscreen Top Pick   RatzillaCosme Approved

Release Date
2017.2.13 Repackaged in 2018, 2019 & 2020.
ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co.
Product Type
UV Filter(s)
Zinc Oxide, Octinoxate & Uvinul A Plus.

The product has been replaced as of February 2023.

Click here to see the replacement product »


SKIN AQUA UV Super Moisture Milk is a Japanese moisturising sunscreen milk for sports. It replaces SKIN AQUA UV Moisture Milk launched in 2008.

The milky sunscreen fluid features the highest UV protection in the Skin Aqua lineup, and it turns into a transparent, water-like texture when applied to the skin. A blend of 2 types of hyaluronic acid, collagen, and amino acid keeps the skin hydrated.

The moisturising yet water-light milk gives durable sun protection that is ideally suited for beach and water sports as well as everyday wear. Skin feels moisturised, smooth, and comfortable with no sticky or white residue.

  • For face and body.
  • Resistant to water and sweat.
  • Can be used as a makeup base.
  • Removable with face wash or soap.

The packaging is renewed in 2020 to partially use mechanically recycled PET.


Skin Type(s):      
UV Protection:      


Water,, cyclopentasiloxane,, zinc oxide,, ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate,, butylene glycol,, diethylhexyl succinate,, polymethylsilsesquioxane,, hydrated silica,, glycerin,, lauroyl lysine,, lauryl PEG-9 polydimethylsiloxyethyl dimethicone,, diethylamino hydroxybenzoyl hexyl benzoate,, sodium hyaluronate,, acrylates copolymer,, do.not.copy,, hydrogen dimethicone,, phenoxyethanol,, triethoxysilylethyl polydimethylsiloxyethyl hexyl dimethicone,, methylparaben,, disodium EDTA,, sodium acetylated hyaluronate,, hydrolyzed collagen,, arginine,, bis-ethylhexyl hydroxydimethoxy benzylmalonate.



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97 Comments on SKIN AQUA UV Super Moisture Milk [DISCONTINUED]

  1. How do you tell if a milk sunscreen has gone off? I know about the 1-year if opened, 3-years if un-opened rule, but I’m talking about a product that may have been improperly stored.

    • No, but keep in mind that the manufacturer is a pharmaceutical company. They don’t test cosmetic products on animals but medicines must, by law, be safety-tested on animals.

  2. Help! I’m not sure if I’m currently using the 2020 version or 2019 version. I usually buy from amazon UK but did buy 2 from yesstyle last year. I was stocked up so now can’t remember which one I’m using from which seller. My concern is that even though I’m applying every 2 hours and proper amount I’ve noticed its not as good as it usually is and I’m burning slightly which never happened in the 3 years I’ve used skin aqua super moisture milk. I have an unopened 2019 version should I try and see if that works better or will it be out of date? The one I’m using now looks identical but it could be a fake? I need a trust worthy seller that ships to UK.

    • It’s impossible to say since there’re so many factors involved. Fake is highly unlikely since this is the cheapest of the cheap… you can find it in Japan for no more than 600JPY. It’s also not a sought-after product.

      “Reapply every 2 hours” is just a general guideline and it’s the maximum of amount time (you may need to reapply a lot sooner)! It’s also not applicable worldwide — there is no such standard guideline in Japan. Keep in mind that sunscreen needs to stay put on your skin in order to be protective. Personally, I find this absolutely terrible when it’s warm so it’s not something I’d ever use if I’m going to be outside in the sun.

      • Thanks for the reply, one more question should the 2020 version still have the ‘NEW’ written on the front? Or have they now removed that? It’s funny you should sayvits terrible in summer because for the pastv3 years its been great for me. I’ve noticed the one I’m using is very drying when usually it leaves me hydrated.

        • No, the “new” label is gone a couple of months after its launch (when it’s no longer a new release). I think it really depends on the climate. This sunscreen is highly unpopular and terribly rated in Japan where it’s extremely humid in the summer — it gets very greasy quick. For me, this is no more than a moisturiser with SPF on steroids.

      • You say this one is terrible when it’s warm out and you’d never use it outside, but in the description it says it’s main use is for outdoor activities or sports?

        If it’s not good for the heat, how would you compare it to Isehan perfect strong Z, which also says it’s for outdoors?

        • Yes, that’s what the product claims. Personally, I’d never use it on warm days and certainly not for extended periods in the sun. It’s pleasantly moisturising in colder weather but it doesn’t cut the mustard for me when it’s warm out. It gets greasy quick and it’s not tenacious enough.

          • Do you find most milk/runny sunscreens get greasy then? Cause I feel like when I tried the isehan perfect strong Z it was sort of similar. And that one is also recommended for outdoor activities.

            What’s one of your favorite for heat/humidity/sweat?

            • Price wasn’t one of my main factors, since I’ve bought some expensive sunscreens now lol!
              I think the reason I didn’t go with anessa is cause the alcohol and fragrance (Altho if it’s not a strong scent then I might be okay with it, because alcohol is hit or miss with me. Like the kose strong z I’m fine with the fragrance and alcohol)

  3. I really like this sunscreen as well. How can I tell if I order from Dokodemo whether I’m getting the 2019 or 2020 version since the 2021 doesn’t appear to be available.

    • There is no new formula or packaging this year. Product production is continuous. I’d be quite alarmed if a store still stocks a discontinued version of a sunscreen produced 2 years ago.

    • YesStyle sells everything so you need to pay very close attention to the packaging. It should be 100% identical, especially the texts. Subsidiary versions aren’t made by Rohto Pharmaceutical, aren’t produced in Japan, and have different ingredients. They have similar but not identical packaging. Language is also different.

  4. Hello, wondering how to know the exp date of this sunscreen? I have the 2019 version, and I’m wondering how long is it good to use? Will it exp this yr? Once opened, is the product only good for one year before it expires?

  5. Hello, Ratzilla! First of all, thank you for providing info about this sunscreen. I have bought it several years ago when I was in Japan because I had forgotten my sunscreen at the hostel and I was hooked. I didn’t know where to look for it and then I found your page, so thanks for that! <3 My question would be about the level of UVA protection. Does Rohto disclose a more precise level of UVA protection in European PPD measuring system? I would love to know of this is PPD16 or 20, or 30 or higher. Thanks.

  6. Do you feel like its really removable without an oil cleansing? Or do you prefer to remove every sunscreen with an oil even if you were not using any make up?

      • That’s weird, I have found it very difficult to remove it with my conventional facial wash. It just doesn’t foam… Like tinted mineral sunscreens does with my face wash.

        • It sounds to me you’re using your facial wash wrong. What you have on your face doesn’t affect how well a foaming cleanser lather up. You first work the cleanser into a foamy lather on your hands, then use the foam to cleanse your skin. You shouldn’t be lathering up cleansing foams directly on your face. Not only does that make it a lot harsher on the skin, but it’s also less effective at doing its job.

  7. Hi, thank you so much for this site 🙂

    Just a quick question-has this sunscreen always had the same ingredients list, just different packaging?

    Thanks very much!

      • The ingredients list on Yesstyle for this products lists Ethanol near the end of the ingredients list. On here it does not list Ethanol on the ingredients list. Why are they different if the ingredients list has always been the same?

        • YesStyle’s product info is often wrong. In this case, they’re selling 2 different products (with completely different formulas/ingredients) in the same listing. This has never contained alcohol. Feel free to check Rohto’s Japanese product page (linked) for reference. The Pink version, however, does and alcohol is positioned near the top. YesStyle’s single ingredients list is wrong for both products.

  8. Hi Ratzilla, can you recommend the adequate amount of this sunscreen to use on the face? It is quite liquidy. I usually follow the “2-finger rule” for my face but this sunscreen is so liquidy for that.

    • I’m unfamiliar with the 2-finger rule but the general guideline in Japan for milk type sunscreen is smooth a 1 yen coin-sized amount over entire face then repeat once more.

  9. Hi Ratzilla, should I wait 20 mn after I apply this sunscreen if I want to apply a tinted moisturizer over it? Also, you mentioned that you like to use a tinted sunscreen when you fly. Any recommandation? Thanks in advance for your answer!

    • Waiting 20-30 minutes after sunscreen application is an outdated myth not supported by modern science (the time frame is arbitrary). You need to wait until the sunscreen is fully absorbed (without any rubbing) so it could be anywhere from just a few minutes to seemingly forever.

  10. Hi,I have oily acne skin but at the same time is sensitive,thin,photosensitive and allergies to fragrance, silicone,…
    1.can this sunscreen cause allergies on my skin? Or sunburn? water resistant?
    3. What difference between this and pink?

  11. Hi! I was wondering if you have ever go on a flight with a sunscreen like this (which has the metal ball inside and you have to shake) on your carry on? Or what sunscreen would you wear for a flight? Thanks, I’m very interested in knowing your opinion 😀

    • I’ve travelled with sunscreen milks in my carry-on bag — never had any issues with security. Personally, I like tinted moisturising SPF for long haul flights.

  12. Hi, ratzilla! I love your website! Thank you for sharing all this information in English!
    So, I’ve been using this on my face for almost a year now and I love it! I live in Brazil, so I face a very hot and humid climate. This has been really good, but it’s super hard to find here. The salesman I used to buy it from doesn’t have it in stock anymore. So I looked it up on other online stores and I’ve seen a product with the same name, but slightly different packaging. The main difference is the font in which “SkinAqua” is written. I was wondering if this is a Chinese version or something. Do you happen to know?
    Also, would you consider Nivea’s Sun Strong Fit Care UV Milky Gel a good substitute for it (this one is easier to find here)?
    Otherwise, do you happen to know some trustable store that exports this to Brazil?
    Thank you, in advance!!

    • Most, if not all, Rohto products sold outside of Japan are developed and made by subsidiary companies in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc. They have similar (but not identical) packagings, names, and concepts because they’re licensed by Rohto — but, they are neither developed nor made by Rohto (unlike products in Japan). They also have different ingredients. My site only provides info on products that are sold in Japan. If you want Japan’s version, packaging needs to look exactly to what’s shown in my site.

  13. Hi! Has this version (without alcohol) been discontinued? What are the reliable sources to buy it internationally? It’s not available on yesstyle anymore 🙁

    • I didn’t read the discussion, but it’s hard to comment without knowing a lot more info.

      Did she shake the bottle well before use? You’d be surprised how many people don’t realise milk formulas need to be shaken before use (and some may simply forget). How did she did apply it? Rubbing sunscreen on is a big no-no since the action also removes the product from the skin. Did she apply anything under or over? If so, did she use the same product(s) for all the sunscreens she tested? How long did she wait before taking the photo? How fresh was the sunscreen? Since the sunscreen milk was the only one that wasn’t readily available to her (and it was most likely shipped to her from Asia), it very well could be old. Sunscreen does lose its effectiveness over time — once opened, it’s good for a year max.!

      She said she applied 1/3 tsp to her face and neck, so she clearly underapplied if you were to go by the popular (but inaccurate) teaspoon method — it’s 1/4 tsp for the face and other 1/4 tsp for the neck. She also applied the same amount of sunscreen for both the cream and the milk. The correct amount is 2.0 mg/cm2. She wrongly assumed both sunscreens have the same density of 1 g/ml. Also, how accurate is that UV camera and is it properly calibrated? Some are merely toys for fun. The test is cool, but it isn’t scientific. There’re a lot of unaccounted-for variables that jeopardise the reliability and validity of the experiment’s outcome.

      There’s a lot more to sunscreen than just its SPF/PA/PPD rating or how it looks under a UV camera. It’s a moot point whether it has superior UV protection or how even the coverage is if the formula is heavy, greasy, sticky, and unpleasant. Even if someone does manage to achieve a perfect sunscreen application (i.e. like a sunscreen testing lab) and skin looks evenly pitch-black under a UV camera, it still needs to stay put in order to be fully protective. There is a huge gap between test-lab and real-world. Many variables affecting real-life results simply cannot be taken into consideration in this kind of testings.

      • Thanks a lot for the insight. I’ll be honest I went a bit cuckool even though it was only person doing one test… Haha. I saw a lot of users wanting to jump ships from milk sunscreens and opting for European and cream/lotion sunscreens…

        Also, there’s users saying that zinc oxide is more grayish because its a non chemical sunscreen… And chemical sunscreens show up as black on uv cameras?

        How much milk sunscreen should the average uses depends on their facial width, and I’ve read that 1/4tsp is often too much.

        I didn’t know about rubbing vs tapping sunscreen… I thought however you applied it is fine as long as you apply enough… Oof.

        Thanks a lot!

        • A European sunscreen cream/lotion with PPD46 isn’t necessarily going to give your skin better protection than a sunscreen rated just PPD16 in real life. Even if you manage to apply the full amount of sunscreen on your skin correctly (again, without any rubbing!), it also needs to stay put in order to be fully protective. If it’s slipping and sliding around on your face, you’re not going to get anywhere close to the labelled protection.

          The best sunscreen is the one that you would be willing to apply very generously (and correctly) every single day.

          • This is VERY correct! This is why the very popular Shiseido Anessa doesn’t work for me at all, because it won’t stay put on my skin no matter what, both the alcohol and non-alcohol types. My skin prefer the Kanebo Allie, Nivea, Kose Sekkisei, and Skin Aqua.

      • Hi ratzilla. Don’t know if you’ll see this but I’ve seen you mentioned ‘rubbing’ sunscreen is a big no a couple times now. Can you elaborate on that please? Is the correct method to ‘pat’ on sunscreen? I always spread it on my face, never use the pat gesture.

      • Hi Ratzilla! I’m the girl who posted the above Reddit test. Your questions here are all great and I’ll remember them in my future tests. Some of them I can answer: I did remember shaking the bottle before use – I always do as I realise it needs to be properly mixed first. I applied the product by rubbing it on. I wasn’t aware at the time of testing that this one was supposed to be tapped in, however I since tried this with the Skin Aqua as part of another test ( and I found there was no way that if I applied the recommended amount of sunscreen all that was going to settle down and dry without rubbing. I really felt this would only work if much less than recommended was applied, or if you broke it up into several layers etc.. I don’t believe I applied anything underneath but I’m not 100%. But if I did, then I did the same for the other sunscreen products. I certainly didn’t apply anything over it. I don’t remember waiting before taking the photo (but I don’t think that would have made a difference for these photos? I know you’re supposed to wait in order to allow your sunscreen time to dry down into a film, but I didn’t think this would affect a UV image?). Shipping – I ordered this product from the seller sugoi-desho (6,237 sales and 100% positive feedback) on EBay on the 2nd Feb 2019. On their website they say
        “Japanese cosmetics do not usually have expiry dates but we regularly get new stock to ensure you get the latest items” which I realise isn’t concrete evidence of a fresh product, but just sharing the info! I applied 1/3 of s teaspoon to face and neck and realise now that this wasn’t correct. I didn’t know though that the rule is 2mg/cm2, that’s cool. So how many mg/ml of the Skin Aqua? If this isn’t already advertised (and I just haven’t spotted it), then it absolutely should be as I don’t think people realise they have different mg/ml. Makes sense though. About the UV camera – I don’t have an answer about how accurate it is, however if you have any specific questions then maybe I can pass them on to the man who designed the camera as I have been in contact with him. Just a question about sunscreen application – you’ve mentioned that no sunscreen should be rubbed/spread on. I struggle to see any other way of applying the thicker products like lotions? How should they be applied? Amy

  14. Hi, do you know the percentage of zinc oxide in this sunscreen? 🙂 I love this sunscreen it’s one of my favourite daily elegant options!

    • No dates printed — they’re completely unnecessary as products get revamped on a daily annual basis. Rule of thumb for sunscreens is 3 years from the manufactured date for unopened products. Once it’s opened, it’s good for a year.

  15. I can wear this for outdoor activities or a day at the beach without getting burn right? It will protect me from uva2 and uvb rays?

  16. This is spectacular. It has an invisible finish that doesn’t feel matte or oily, but as if you didn’t use anything. Slightly moisturizing, perfect for normal to dry skin. No white cast on my skin, while the Biore Perfect Face Milk leaves a slight white cast for me. It’s not sticky and sinks in in about 15 minutes.
    Given that this does not contain alcohol, it’s outstanding.
    Personally I’m too oily and use Biore Perfect Face Milk for its oil control, but if I wasn’t, I’d use this.
    2 minor gripes.
    It doesn’t contain as many filters as Biore Perfect Face Milk, the UVA protection might be slightly lower (no Tinosorb S for instance).
    It does contain Diethylhexyl Succinate (= Di (2-Ethylhexyl) Succinate; = Dioctyl Succinate) as an emollient, which has a comedogenicity rating of 2-3. If they made a version with C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate as an emollient instead, this would be perfect for very oily/acne prone skin as well.

  17. Does this leave a white cast?

    Is this lighter or heavier than Biore UV Nobi Nobi Kids Milk? I have oily skin and I thought the Biore one isn’t so bad. Wouldn’t the zinc oxide in this Skin Aqua one be able to absorb some oiliness?

      • I finally bought one from Amazon but unfortunately, it clogs my pores and is difficult to wash off. Apart from these 2 flaws, it’s perfect.

  18. Would this be a good sunscreen to wear in Arizona, where its extremely hot and sunny? Or will it melt right off?

    • If your skin is on the drier side and you apply enough (and reapply when necessary), I’d say so. This offers no oil-control so if you’ve oiliness, it isn’t ideal.

  19. Hi Ratzilla, how does this compare to the old Skin Aqua Moisture Milk? That was my favorite sunscreen and I’m worried this one will be more greasy. Also, is Rohto still making the whitening version of this sunscreen? I haven’t been able to find it recently…

    • It has been years since I last tried the Skin Aqua UV Moisture Milk so I can’t really compare. I do remember that I didn’t care for it though.

      Yes, the Whitening version was discontinued last year.

      • Thanks for the quick reply! If you liked this one better, then I hope I will too. I am excited that the PA rating is higher. Hopefully it will still work with my stupidly sensitive skin.

        Too bad about the whitening version. It did amazing things for my post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

  20. I found this sunblock extremely greasy. I have normal skin and it is not even summer yet.

  21. Helo there ratzilla;
    So I understand that evetyone produces sebum no matter their skin type, right? The difference is how much or how little I live in a stifling humid climate so my otherwise normal t zone would get sweaty and sebum will be produced too, naturally, no?
    How is it that this sunscreen is formulated for sports when it’s not even resistant to sebum?
    My skin type is normal in the t zone area, dry cheeks, very hot and humid, muggy climate. Thank you for your site. I really really appreciate it!

    • Skin naturally sebum, the difference is the amount — oily skin has too much whereas dry skin isn’t producing enough. Whether a sunscreen is sebum-resistant is a non-issue for skin that isn’t producing enough. This is a sunscreen formulated to moisturise drier skin (hence the “Super Moisture” in the name) — it offers no oil control.

  22. Hi Razilla, how do you request SAL from the store you listed for this sunscreen? When I went to the checkout page, there was no “Notes” option to type in the request like other sellers who offer SAL.

  23. Ratzilla, can you please eventually let us know what this sunscreen is like in a review?

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