SKIN AQUA UV Super Moisture Milk

SKIN AQUA UV Super Moisture Milk SPF50+ PA++++

2017 Sunscreen Top Pick   RatzillaCosme Approved

Launch Date: 2017.2.13 Repackaged in 2018.
Packaging: 40ml
Producer: ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co.
Product Type: Sunscreen
Price: ¥1,000


UV Filter(s): Zinc Oxide, Octinoxate & Uvinul A Plus.

Amazon USA US$11.85+ »
eBay US$12.95+ »
Rakuten Global Market ¥810 (approx. US$7.10) »
YesStyle US$12.51+ »

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28 Comments on SKIN AQUA UV Super Moisture Milk

    • No dates printed — they’re completely unnecessary as products get revamped on a daily annual basis. Rule of thumb for sunscreens is 3 years from manufactured date for unopened product. Once it’s opened, it’s good for a year.

  1. Will this protect me from burning during outdoor activities and a day at the beach?

  2. I can wear this for outdoor activities or a day at the beach without getting burn right? It will protect me from uva2 and uvb rays?

  3. This is spectacular. It has an invisible finish that doesn’t feel matte or oily, but as if you didn’t use anything. Slightly moisturizing, perfect for normal to dry skin. No white cast on my skin, while the Biore Perfect Face Milk leaves a slight white cast for me. It’s not sticky and sinks in in about 15 minutes.
    Given that this does not contain alcohol, it’s outstanding.
    Personally I’m too oily and use Biore Perfect Face Milk for its oil control, but if I wasn’t, I’d use this.
    2 minor gripes.
    It doesn’t contain as many filters as Biore Perfect Face Milk, the UVA protection might be slightly lower (no Tinosorb S for instance).
    It does contain Diethylhexyl Succinate (= Di (2-Ethylhexyl) Succinate; = Dioctyl Succinate) as an emollient, which has a comedogenicity rating of 2-3. If they made a version with C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate as an emollient instead, this would be perfect for very oily/acne prone skin as well.

  4. Does this leave a white cast?

    Is this lighter or heavier than Biore UV Nobi Nobi Kids Milk? I have oily skin and I thought the Biore one isn’t so bad. Wouldn’t the zinc oxide in this Skin Aqua one be able to absorb some oiliness?

    • No, at least not on my naturally light skin. It’s lighter, although keep in mind that neither is formulated for oily skin.

      • I finally bought one from Amazon but unfortunately, it clogs my pores and is difficult to wash off. Apart from these 2 flaws, it’s perfect.

  5. Would this be a good sunscreen to wear in Arizona, where its extremely hot and sunny? Or will it melt right off?

    • If your skin is on the drier side and you apply enough (and reapply when necessary), I’d say so. This offers no oil-control so if you’ve oiliness, it isn’t ideal.

  6. I found this sunblock extremely greasy. I have normal skin and it is not even summer yet.

    • This is formulated for dry skin so it’s most likely too moisturising for your skin. Have you tried skipping moisturiser? I don’t use one at all when I use this.

      • I don’t use one either. Do you think Skin Aqua gel will be a better option for me?

  7. Yes, it’s very nice for the price. Satin-y finish (on my perfectly normal skin), not that lightweight, best suits normal-dry skin.

    • Hi Ratzilla, how does this compare to the old Skin Aqua Moisture Milk? That was my favorite sunscreen and I’m worried this one will be more greasy. Also, is Rohto still making the whitening version of this sunscreen? I haven’t been able to find it recently…

      • It has been years since I last tried the Skin Aqua UV Moisture Milk so I can’t really compare. I do remember that I didn’t care for it though.

        Yes, the Whitening version was discontinued last year.

        • Thanks for the quick reply! If you liked this one better, then I hope I will too. I am excited that the PA rating is higher. Hopefully it will still work with my stupidly sensitive skin.

          Too bad about the whitening version. It did amazing things for my post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

  8. Helo there ratzilla;
    So I understand that evetyone produces sebum no matter their skin type, right? The difference is how much or how little I live in a stifling humid climate so my otherwise normal t zone would get sweaty and sebum will be produced too, naturally, no?
    How is it that this sunscreen is formulated for sports when it’s not even resistant to sebum?
    My skin type is normal in the t zone area, dry cheeks, very hot and humid, muggy climate. Thank you for your site. I really really appreciate it!

    • Skin naturally sebum, the difference is the amount — oily skin too much whereas dry skin isn’t producing enough. Whether a sunscreen is sebum-resistant is a non-issue for skin that isn’t producing enough. This is a sunscreen formulated to moisturise drier skin (hence the “Super Moisture” in the name) — it offers no oil-control.

  9. Hi Razilla, how do you request SAL from the store you listed for this sunscreen? When I went to the checkout page, there was no “Notes” option to type in the request like other sellers who offer SAL.

  10. Ratzilla, can you please eventually let us know what this sunscreen is like in a review?

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