Review: NIVEA Sun Protect Plus Creamy UV Essence

Nivea Sun Protect Plus UV Essence

One of my favourite sunscreen launches from 2014 has just been reformulated, and there is a significant difference between the two versions — enough that it now goes by a whole new name!

NIVEA Sun Protect Plus Creamy UV Essence has grown on me. I don’t really like it at first. It’s a complete turnaround from the previous version, but I’ve been reaching for it more now. Considering that the original UV Cream was substantial and moisturising, this is decidedly matte with a “dry touch” finish, and if I had to pick one then without a doubt I’d say the UV Cream. But that’s neither here or there, because it has been discontinued already and it’s just beating a dead horse.

Review NIVEA Sun Protect Plus Skin Creamy UV Essence tube

Simple put, the Creamy UV Essence is for those with normal-combination skin who like a dry, matte-to-touch finish but still want something more substantial than a milk. It’s completely scent-free — no fragrance nor unpleasant chemical odour. It’s very similar to the UV Cream in a lot of ways — it’s so, so light and it disappears a few seconds after application. The main difference with this is that it lacks moisture and it’s much more lightweight. It’s almost like a quick-drying, mattifying milk in an ultra-light, watery cream formula. There is no way you could forego moisturiser unless you’ve oily skin, although it doesn’t feel drying or at all tight.

Review NIVEA Sun Protect Plus Skin Creamy UV Essence swatches

I’m sitting on the fence. Judging on its own merits, it’s a perfectly nice ultra-lightweight matte sunscreen that’s great for everyday wear, but I can’t imagine it having a place in my sunscreen arsenal this year. I find this revamped formula disappointing. It offers my skin no additional moisture — which is fine — but, I would just use a mattifying sunscreen milk if a matte finish is what I’m after. Thoughts?

50g tube of NIVEA Sun Protect Plus Creamy UV Essence is ¥768 (approx. US$6.44) from Rakuten Global Market (HERE) or ¥737 (HERE)— SAL shipping is available upon request.


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