Review: APRILSKIN Magic Snow Sun Cream SPF50+ PA+++


Review Aprilskin Magic Snow Sun Cream SPF50+ PA+++

You’ve maybe already heard of APRILSKIN, the new-ish South Korean beauty brand that has been wildly popular in Korea. Their Magic Snow Sun Cream is one of the most interesting sunscreens I’ve ever tried.

APRILSKIN Magic Snow Sun Cream has SPF50+ PA+++ and a mineral-only cream formula that could actually be mistaken for an illuminating base, such is the dewy glow. Not in a greasy, shiny sunscreen-y way, but skin that looks impossibly healthy but completely natural. A “glow from within” rather than shimmers slapped on the surface. It has a bit of weight to it and slightly tacky to the touch — but doesn’t feel uncomfortable — and much to my surprise, really clings on the skin. I was expecting it to slide off or move about after a few hours of wear, but it holds up well. More than you’d expect from such a finish and texture, that’s for sure!

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My main qualm with this is that I don’t believe their ingredient list provided is entirely truthful (or someone did a terrible job writing its copy). Its marketing blurb says it contains “7 naturally derived ingredients” then followed with a pictured list of 9 (!) herbal extracts and oils. Counting problem aside, only 1 out of the 9 actually appeared in the ingredient list: tea tree leaf oil. Its ingredient list shows a whole different herbal blend altogether! The cream’s very distinguishable lavender scent makes me think their printed ingredient list is not accurate. Which also makes me question whether the rest of ingredients I’m seeing are true. I’ve seen similar discrepancies between the product copy and ingredient list numerous times now with Korean beauty products. Please be very cautious if you’ve serious allergy or sensitivity issues — what you see may not be actually true.

I don’t feel comfortable relying on APRILSKIN Magic Snow Sun Cream for UV protection, especially in direct summer sunlight. That being said, it leaves skin perfectly dewy with no greasy or chalky white residue, which I think will be very welcoming and lovely once autumn/winter rolls around. A 70g tube is US$22.85+ HERE from — production and expiration dates printed. You can also buy it directly from Aprilskin’s global store.

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