Karada Kankyo Souken UV Busters Cream

Release Date
30g /60g
Karada Kankyo Souken
Karada Kankyo Souken
Product Type
¥1,714 / ¥2,666
UV Filter(s)
Titanium Dioxide & Zinc Oxide.

Karada Kankyo Souken (“Body Environmental Research”) UV Busters Cream is an all-natural, whipped Japanese sunscreen cream.

The sunscreen has a lightweight whipped cream texture that leaves no white residue on the skin and it is formulated using all-natural edible ingredients. It is free of silicones, fragrances, colourants, preservatives, and polymers, making it safe to use on sensitive skin and children’s skin alike. In addition, it contains hyaluronic acid and 4 types of vitamins (A, B6, C and E) to moisturise and prevent dryness while protecting and rejuvenating skin.

The whipped sunscreen cream is water and sweat resistant yet it can be completely removed using mild pH-balanced cleanser and wash cloth or regular soap.

  • For face and body.
  • Resistant to water and sweat.
  • Removable with a face wash.

It has a 2-month shelf life and the company produces 300 jars of the product each month (production date is printed).

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Water,, caprylic/capric triglyceride,, titanium dioxide,, glycerin,, zinc oxide,, polyglyceryl-2 oleate,, squalane,, aluminum hydroxide,, polyglyceryl 2 isostearate,, butylene glycol,, ratzillacosme.com do.not.copy,, pentylene glycol,, polyglyceryl-4 diisostearate/polyhydroxystearate/sebacate,, beeswax,, silica,, 1 2-hexanediol,, caprylyl glycol,, phenoxyethanol,, magnesium sulfate,, tocopherol,, ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate,, menthol,, sodium hyaluronate,, bittern,, pyridoxine HCI,, retinyl palmitate.


からだ環境総研 UVバスターズクリーム」の全成分: 水、トリ(カプリル酸/カプリン酸)グリセリン、酸化チタン、グリセリン、酸化亜鉛、俺陰惨ホリグリセリル-2、スクワラン、水酸化Al、イソステアリン酸ポリグリセリル-2、ステアリン酸、BG、ペンチレングリコール、(ジイソステアリン酸/ポリヒドロキシステアリン酸/セバシン酸)ポリグリセリル-4、ミツロウ、シリカ、1,2-ヘキサンジオール、カプリリルグリコール、フェノキシエタノール、硫酸Mg、トコフェロール、テトラヘキシルデカン酸アスコルビル、メントール、ヒアルロン酸Na、ニガリ、ピリドキシンHCl、ビタミンA油

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5 years ago

Where can this be found? Rakuten’s search bar is quite frustrating.

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