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Biore UV Perfect Bright Milk [DISCONTINUED]

RatzillaCosme Approved

Release Date
2015.2.21 Repackaged in 2016 & 2017.
Kao Corporation
Product Type
UV Filter(s)
Zinc Oxide, Octinoxate, Titanium Dioxide, Uvinul A Plus & Tinosorb S.

The product has been replaced or discontinued as of 2019.

Click here to see the replacement product »


Biore UV Perfect Bright Milk is a Japanese sunscreen milk that brightens skin tone.

The sunscreen milk has the same silky-smooth, lightweight texture as the previous formula, but with an improved formula that is now waterproof. In addition to protecting skin against UV damage, it works as an ideal makeup base by creating a smooth, even base for makeup application.

Its light pink tint and a blend of light-diffusing powder diminish the appearance of pores, smooth skin texture, and brighten skin tone for radiant, matte skin.

  • For the face.
  • Water, sweat, and sebum-resistant.
  • Can be used as a makeup base.
  • Removable with a makeup remover.

Skin Type(s):   
Beauty Concern(s):      


Cyclopentasiloxane,, water,, alcohol,, zinc oxide,, ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate,, lauryl methacrylate/sodium methacrylate crosspolymer,, C12-15 alkyl benzoate,, talc,, titanium dioxide,, dimethicone,, diethylamino hydroxybenzoyl hexyl benzoate,, do.not.copy,, polymethylsilsesquioxane, bis-ethylhexyloxyphenol methoxyphenyl triazine,, methicone,, mica,, PEG-12 dimethicone,, PEG-3 dimethicone,, polysilicone-9,, PEG-32,, alumina,, silica,, iron oxides,, barium sulate,, aluminum dimyristate,, sodium hyaluronate,, CI 73360,, phenoxyethanol.


「ビオレ さらさらUVパーフェクトブライトミルク」の全成分:シクロペンタシロキサン、水、エタノール、酸化亜鉛、メトキシケイヒ酸エチルヘキシル、(メタクリル酸ラウリル/メタクリル酸Na)クロスポリマー、安息香酸アルキル(C12-15)、タルク、酸化チタン、ジメチコン、ジエチルアミノヒドロキシベンゾイル安息香酸ヘキシル、ポリメチルシルセスキオキサン、 ビスエチルヘキシルオキシフェノールメトキシフェニルトリアジン、メチコン、マイカ、PEG-12ジメチコン、PEG-3ジメチコン、ポリシリコーン -9、PEG-32、アルミナ、シリカ、酸化鉄、硫酸Ba、ジミリスチン酸Al、ヒアルロン酸Na、赤226、フェノキシエタノール

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18 Comments on Biore UV Perfect Bright Milk [DISCONTINUED]

  1. Would this sunscreen be good for outdoor use? I really want a good sunscreen for jogging outside.

  2. This milk provides beautiful finish for people with oily skin living in hot/humid climate, but it smell like a shot of vodka! It also has lots of silicons.

    • Yup. The entire Biore UV Perfect line is targeted at young oily skin (and Japan’s summer is ultra hot and humid). Those with dry, sensitive will most likely not do well with it, but it isn’t formulated for them either.

  3. Hello, I was curious to know how to tell if a sunscreen is made for oily skin? I have this sunscreen and I love it but I would like to find a sunscreen made for an oily skin type but one that is also an easy on easy off formula. Should I look for the phrase “matte” in your review to know if it’s suitable? I used to look for alcohol as an ingredient but their are many sunscreens with alcohol but are still too moisturizing for my skin type! 🙂

    • The brand almost always specifies in some way the skin type(s) the product is formulated for, so read the packaging (if you can read the language). Otherwise, do try the site’s search function.

  4. Thank you for this wonderful cosmetics guide. I would have been lost in the sea of Japanese sunscreens if not for you!

    Taking into consideration the ingredients and consistencies, do you think this sunscreen would be okay paired with Biore Aqua Rich Watery Gel? In other words, I liberally apply the Aqua Rich in one layer, let it dry, and then add this UV Bright as a second layer?

    Thank you!

  5. Hi,

    I have a combination type skin, would this or Aqua Rich be better? I have already ordered the Aqua Rich but the Bright Milk looks good as well. Any comments for the two?

    I have a lot of redness (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) and so I chose Bright Milk over the Perfect Milk, not sure if it will help in any way though.

    Thank you for your site; it is awesome!

    • Which is better? That’s totally depends on your skin’s needs and personal preference. The entire Aqua Rich line is less drying but it’s not resistant to anything — so not suitable if your skin is going to get wet, sweaty, or oily. If your skin is on the dry side, you may find all the UV Pefect milks too drying even with a rich moisturiser underneath.

  6. So does this mean that there will be only one Biore Face Milk instead of the two(“Bright” and “Perfect”)?

  7. Is there a a great product like this, but limits the sunscreens used to zinc and titanium (deem rec for sensitive and acne skin)? I am new to your site and in love with every single thing I’ve read so far! Your reviews are amazing. I’m Caucasian and just looked up some Asian markets near me. Thanks again for all the help!

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