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Review CLEAR TURN EAU DE CLAIRE Beauty Serum (Vitamin C)

If you’ve ever wished that you could get the serum (a.k.a. “essence”) infused in sheet masks on its own, this is pretty much it.

Eau de Claire Beauty Serum is a big bottle (200ml!) of the serum that’s in the Clear Turn White Mask Vitamin C (do read my ‘Best Pick’ review of it here). Very economical and very good at doing what it’s supposed to do — afterall, it’s the exact same (minus the Bemliese sheet and packaging).

Review CLEAR TURN EAU DE CLAIRE Beauty Serum (Vitamin C) bottle

I have no particular complaints — this is all very good indeed — straightforward formula (no alcohols, silicones, oils, extracts, or fragrance), a blend of stable vitamin C and moisture-binding agents to give skin a brightening and hydration boost. I just find this to be impractical and lacklustre. Applying it as a serum didn’t pack much of a punch compared to the sheet mask or typical vitamin C serums (in little bottles). And since a 5-pack of the Clear Turn White Mask (22ml per sheet) retails only 650 JPY, making my own sheet mask with it isn’t worth my time or effort whatsoever. (When you do the math, the Eau de Claire Beauty Serum is only cheaper per ml by 0.9 JPY! Factor in you also need to buy the cotton sheets, it’ll actually cost you more to DIY!)

Review CLEAR TURN EAU DE CLAIRE Beauty Serum (Vitamin C) swatch

I think it’s perfect for those who want an affordable vitamin C serum to use on their arms, décolletage, and other large sun-exposed areas. For those who want to DIY their own sheet masks with it, I’d say just get the ready-made Clear Turn White Mask Vitamin C

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6 Comments on Review: CLEAR TURN EAU DE CLAIRE Beauty Serum (Vitamin C) [DISCONTINUED]

  1. This is review is great! I’ve been wanting a vitamin C toner/lotion type product. You previously suggested the Dr Ci Labo to me, but that’s out of my price range. I hope my skin will agree with this one. How does this compares to the pdc Direct White Whitening Serum in terms of brightening? I’m making the two comparison because they both have the same liquid consistency that I’m looking for. Thanks!

  2. Hi,
    Your site saved me, as im going to japan next month i now have a full list thanks to you.
    As a general question is Rakuten cheaper than a drugstore in Tokyo??
    Thank you

    • Depends on where you shop. Drugstore brand are always on sale (20-40% off) at one store or another, so there’s really no need to pay full retail price. If you’re in tourist areas though, don’t expect to find discounts.

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