Product Discovery Friday: B.liv Off With Those Heads

B.liv Off With Those Heads

I received B.liv Off With Those Heads nearly 2 months ago along with CELLNIQUE Intensive Hydrating Complex (which I have reviewed HERE).

This week’s Product Discovery Friday review is not quite my first reactions and thoughts since I have been testing this on and off for nearly a month — seeing the nature of the product, it’s only fair to give it a proper testing before commenting.

What does it say on the box?  Say goodbye to painful squeezing! This light cooling gel promises to remove stubborn blackheads and whiteheads painlessly in just 14 days of application and stop them from appearing ever again. It keeps excessive oil secretion under control and skin irritation will never rule again.  It also comes with 14 days money back guaranteed where you sent back unused portion for a full refund minus postage.

It’s pretty much a clear mint-y gel serum that you apply after cleansing, morning and night, on your T-zone or any areas with blackheads and whiteheads.

The brand is definitely targeting a much younger demographic judging by the names of the products. Maybe teens? Some probably find their product names cute (e.g. Spots Got Shot, Leach Me, Feel No Sluggish, etc.) but personally, I find them silly and obnoxious. Their names really turn me off. I’m all for originality… as long as I can easily figure out what the product is for. Packaging is quite sturdy and very functional.

As expected, it gives a very cool, refreshing sensation upon application due to the peppermint. The gel absorbs into the skin quickly. There is no visible skin difference immediately after use.  It doesn’t mattifying or hydrate skin one bit.

I don’t really have an issue with blackheads or whiteheads in general but the bridge of my nose tends to get congested, especially in the summer, so I have been applying the gel there to see whether it will make any difference.

[14 days later]

14 days is the longest time you can try the product if you want to get your money back. I had no difficulties removing the congestion manually before (though I don’t usually bother). 14 days of daily usage later, no difference whatsoever.

[2 more weeks]

No difference. It doesn’t remove blackheads/whiteheads on its own. I generally avoid extracting but even after doing so, it doesn’t keep the area smooth and clear.

I find the cooling sensation quite pleasant and refreshing but aside from that, I don’t see any difference after using it for about a month. Truth be told, I didn’t expect to see any judging from its active ingredients (tea tree oil, aloe vera extract, witch hazel extract, and peppermint oil).

30ml bottle available in pharmacies and beauty stores across Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong or US$49 at

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