SOFINA jenne Makeup Cleansing Liquid [DISCONTINUED]

SOFINA jenne Makeup Cleansing Liquid

Release Date: 2010.9.14
Packaging: 200ml
Brand: SOFINA jenne
Producer: Kao Corporation
Product Type: Cleansing liquid
Price: ¥1,680

The product has been replaced or discontinued as of 2018. 


SOFINA Jenne is a Japanese drugstore skin care line developed by Kao specifically for women in their 20s to help skin retain ceramide and to promote its functionality for fresh skin that retains moisture.

SOFINA Jenne Makeup Cleansing Liquid is a Japanese micellar cleanser that can “easily removes even heavy makeup including mascara simply by wiping off gently.”

The water-based makeup remover wash off completely without residue to achieve smooth skin.

“Delicate Floral-Fruit Fragrance”

Quoted texts are official English descriptions from Kao. The information provided does not represent my view in any way. Please see here for full disclaimer.


Dispense 2 to 3 teaspoons amount into palm and gently massage  with hands in a circular motion to dissolve makeup, concentrating on the T-zone. It can be wipe off but for best result, rinse with warm water. Follow with usual facial cleanser to complete facial cleansing.


Butylene glycol,, water,, glycerin,, PEG-12 laurate,, isopropyl myristate,, isododecane,, sorbitol,, polyglyceryl-2 isostearate,, decyl glucoside,, sorbeth-30 tetraoleate,, do.not.copy,, hydrogenated polyisobutene,, eucalyptus globulus leaf extract,, citric acid,, alcohol,,  fragrance.


ソフィーナ ジェンヌ リキッドメイク落とし」の全成分:BG、水、グリセリン、ラウリン酸PEG-12、ミリスチン酸イソプロピル、イソドデカン、ソルビトール、イソステアリン酸ポリグリセリル-2、デシルグルコシド、テトラオレイン酸ソルベス-30、水添ポリイソブテン、ユーカリエキス、クエン酸、エタノール、香料

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