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Review: HANAYUKI Exfoliating Clear Gel

I considered myself well-versed in Japanese beauty products — but peeling gels have always eluded me. Up until now, I have always dismissed the ‘exfoliating, peeling action’ of peeling gels to nothing but a simple chemical reaction — seeing the majority do not contain exfoliating acids, enzymes, or scrub particles. For those who don’t know, I’ll give you a quick rundown to how peeling gels work: you massage the gel on freshly cleansed skin and within seconds, it comes off in little rolled up strands and balls, like white eraser shavings — which supposedly ‘peel’ off dead skin cells and pore-clogging debris — like using an eraser.

I had the opportunity to try Hanayuki Exfoliating Clear Gel Plus (花雪肌 角質クリアジェルプラス) and despite early reservations, I’m actually very happy with the results. Recently, I have been looking at exfoliators that promise gentle yet effective exfoliation without  ‘scrub’ particles or acids: this is one of  them. I applied 3 pumps worth of gel (direction says 3 to 5 pumps) to cleansed, towel-dried skin and then gently massage. It is fragrance-free and colourant-free, which are always a plus in my book. As expected, the gel rolled up just seconds into massaging. I kept massaging until the gel is all rolled up. The whole process took less than 30 seconds.

After quickly rinse, my skin was brilliantly smooth and fresh-looking. I mean very noticeably smooth and fine – and my skin has always been in pretty good condition. I can’t image it was my ‘scrubbing’ with the rolled up bits that did that – after all, I have never had that effect with scrubs!

To satisfy my curiosity, I have also tried massaging the gel on the back on my hand while wearing disposable plastic gloves. Interestingly enough, the gel didn’t roll up.

Personally, I feel chemical (AHA/BHA) exfoliation — the NeoStrata Toning Solution Level 2 for example — does more for my skin overall, but this a very nice option if you want to give your skin a good yet gentle going-over. It really gets skin fresh and bright!

»200ml Bottle is $41.50 USD from Gold Sakura: HERE

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6 Comments on Review: HANAYUKI Exfoliating Clear Gel

  1. I chanced stumble on this when I was at an onsen hotel in Hakone. They actually provide this and other skincare products for the guests’ use at the bath. It was luxurious and the products are superb. Bought home some but now things have run out. When I tried to buy online the products are so expensive compared to buying in Japan. Regretted that I didn’t buy more.

    • You’re referring to Toyo Life’s Natural Aqua Jel Cure, right? (“Cure” is not the brand name, although I can understand why English speakers would think so from the packaging.)

      That’s very well known and popular one in Japan. It’s basic but very nice.

      They’re both nice but Cure is cheaper and a lot more accessible in Japan. I would say get yourself some sample packets first so you don’t end up with a big bottle of peeling gel you have no use for if you end up not liking it — unlike face washes and moisturisers, it’s very difficult to repurpose peeling gels. I use AHA/BHA liquid (from Neotrata, Canada-exclusive) so peeling gels are not something I try/buy/use regularly as my skin gets plenty of exfoliation already — but I always have a bottle of Natural Aqua Jel Cure on hand.

      • oh yes, that one 🙂 Im just curious, why my friend back in my home country, dying to get one.
        im not sure where can I get the sample size. I looked through, they only sell the full size.

        thank you 🙂

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