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Freshel Moist Lift Pack & Massage Foam [DISCONTINUED]

Kanebo Freshel Moist Lift Pack & Massage Foam

Release Date: 2011.9.1
Packaging: 150g
Brand: Freshel
Producer: Kanebo Cosmetics Inc.
Product Type: Cleansing foam
Price: ¥1,300

The product has been replaced or discontinued as of 2012.

Click here to see the replacement product »


Kanebo’s Freshel is a Japanese drugstore skin care line targeting women in their 30s and 40s and its Moist Lift range is for dry skin.

Freshel Moist Lift Pack & Massage Foam is an aerosol Japanese carbonated cleansing foam.

The 3-in-1 foam acts as facial cleanser, moisturising mask, and facial massage. It is formulated with mixed fruit acids and yeast extract to soften dead skin cells, and it also contains hyaluronic acid and collagen to moisturize skin. The dense, carbonated foam promotes blood circulation, acting as a quick 30 seconds facial massage to brighten skin. As the foam is being massage on the skin, it has the effect of a moisturizing mask.

Skin becomes smooth, moisturised, and prime for makeup application.

The information provided does not represent my view in any way. Please see here for full disclaimer.


Shake well and dispense 5–6cm away into the palm. Spread the foam evenly onto entire face and massage gently using fingertips for 30 seconds before rinsing off with warm water. Avoid contact with the eye areas. Do not leave container in high humidity environment.


Water,, dipropylene glycol,, LP gas,, disodium lauryliminodiacetate,, sodium cocoamphoacetate,, potassium cocoyl glycinate,, carbon dioxide,, polyglyceryl-10 laurate,, PPG-2 cocamide,, TEA-cocoyl glutamate,, hydroxyethylcellulose,, polysorbate 20,, do.not.copy,, bilberry extract,, sugar cane extract,, orange fruit extract,, hydrolyzed yeast,, lemon fruit extract,, soluble collagen,, sugar maple extract,, sodium hyaluronate,, propylene glycol hyaluronate,, fragrance.


「フレッシェル モイストリフト  パック&マッサージフォーム」の全成分:水、ジプロピレングリコール、LPG、ラウラミノジ酢酸ナトリウム、ココアンホ酢酸ナトリウム、ココイルグリシンカリウム、二酸化炭素、ラウリン酸 ポリグリセリル-10、PPG-2コカミド、ココイルグルタミン酸TEA、ヒドロキシエチルセルロース、ポリソルベート20、ビルベリーエキス、サトウキ ビエキス、オレンジエキス、加水分解酵母、レモンエキス、水溶性コラーゲン、サトウカエデエキス、ヒアルロン酸ナトリウム、ヒアルロン酸PG、香料

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