Cow Brand Mutenka Eye Makeup Remover [DISCONTINUED]

Cow Brand Mutenka Eye Makeup Remover

Release Date
Cow Brand Mutenka
Cow Brand Soap Kyoshinsha Co.
Product Type
Eye Makeup Remover

The product has been replaced or discontinued as of 2015.


Cow Brand Mutenka Eye Makeup Remover (also known as Cow Brand Additive-Free Eye Makeup Remover) is a Japanese bi-phase eye makeup remover that is free all additives.

The makeup remover features a bi-phase formula that is free of unnecessary additives such as fragrance, colourants, stabilisers and parabens.

The oil-phase gently removes waterproof eye makeup from delicate skin, while the water-phase moisturises and refreshes the area.

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Water,, isononyl isononanoate,, glycerin,, do.not.copy,, cetyl ethylhexanoate,, dipropylene glycol,, squalane,, sodium PCA,, PEG-5 glyceryl tiisostearate,, sodium chloride,, citric acid,, sodium citrate.


「カウブランド 無添加アイメイクリムーバー」の全成分:水、イソノナン酸イソノニル、グリセリン、エチルヘキサン酸セチル、DPG、スクワラン、PCA-Na、トリイソステアリン酸PEG-5グリセリル、塩化Na、クエン酸、クエン酸Na

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