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Cow Brand Mutenka Foaming Facial Wash [DISCONTINUED]

2015 version
RatzillaCosme’s Best Pick
Release Date
2009.3.10 REFORMULATED in 2015.
200ml Bottle / 180ml Refill
Cow Brand Mutenka
Cow Brand Soap Kyoshinsha Co.
Product Type
Cleansing Foam
¥680 / ¥550

The product has been replaced or discontinued as of September 2022.

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Cow Brand Mutenka Foaming Facial Wash (also called Cow Brand Additive-free Foaming Facial Wash) is a self-foaming Japanese cleansing foam that is free of all additives.

The self-foaming cleanser is free of unnecessary additives such as fragrances, colourants, stabilisers and parabens. It gently removes oil and grime from the face without causing dryness or irritation.


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Water,, dipropylene glycol,, sodium lauroyl methylaminopropionate,, PEG-400,, lauryl hydroxysultaine,, squalane,, do.not.copy,, sodium PCA,, lauric acid.


Water,, dipropylene glycol,, PEG-400,, sodium lauroyl methylaminopropionate,, sodium cocoyl glutamate,, lauryl hydroxysultaine,, ceramide NG,, sodium lauroyl aspartate,, PEG-60 hydrgenated castor oil,, lauric acid,, citric acid.


カウブランド 無添加泡の洗顔料」の全成分:水、DPG、ラウロイルメチルアラニンNa、PEG-400、ラウリルヒドロキシスルタイン、スクワラン、 PCA-Na、ラウリン酸


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3 Comments on Cow Brand Mutenka Foaming Facial Wash [DISCONTINUED]

  1. Hi Ratzilla! I read your article on double cleansing, this is all new to me. No wonder I felt my skin wasn’t feeling all the way clean after using just a cleansing oil (Softymo Deep Cleansing Oil). What is the difference between Cow Brand Mutenka Moisturizing Facial Foam and Cow Brand Mutenka Foaming Facial Wash? Is the only difference that the latter is self foaming, thus can be used in the shower on a wet face? And, what is your top picks for cleansing foam if using on wet skin? Thank you!

    • Both are cleansing foams (so they should always be applied on wet skin), except one is self-foaming and the other isn’t (so you create the foam yourself first). Their ingredients and foam consistency differ as well. Self-foaming face washes are super convenient but the foam that the dispenser creates is nowhere as fine and fluffy as the foam you create yourself.

      • Thanks for being so informative! In double cleansing, I should apply a cleansing oil on a dry face then rinse with water and in the second step, apply a cleansing foam to wet skin? Did I get it right?

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