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Biore Bubble Cream Makeup Remover

Biore Bubble Cream Makeup Remover

Release Date
220ml Bottle / 170ml Refill
Kao Corporation
Product Type
Cleansing Cream
¥1,000 / ¥700

Biore Bubble Cream Makeup Remover is a Japanese foam-to-cream makeup remover.

The oil-free makeup remover applies to skin as a generous, easily spreadable foam and transforms into a rich cream as it is lightly massaged. Its unique foam-to-cream formula loosens and melts away pore-concealing primers and long-lasting foundations that can build up in the pores. It rinses off cleanly with water and leaves no residue, making a second cleanse with a face wash an unnecessary step.

Skin feels perfectly clean and smooth.

Aqua Floral Fragrance


Skin Type(s):      

  1. Dispense 3–4 pumps of product onto dry palm.
  2. Gently massage over dry face in circular motions to remove makeup.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Using a separate remover for waterproof eye makeup is recommended.


Water,, glycerin,, PEG-150,, lauryl hydroxysultaine,, PPG-9 diglyceryl ether,, decyl glucoside,, propylene glycol,, laureth-6 carboxylic acid,, alcohol,, do.not.copy,, lauric acid,, potassium hydroxide,, myristic acid,, palmitic acid,, sodium carbonate,, polyquaternium-39, sodium bicarbonate,, phenoxyethanol,, fragrance.


ビオレ 泡クリームメイク落とし」の全成分:水、グリセリン、PEG-150、ラウリルヒドロキシスルタイン、PPG-9ジグリセリル、デシルグルコシド、PG、ラウレス-6カルボン酸、エタノール、ラウリン酸、水酸化K、ミリスチン酸、パルミチン酸、炭酸Na、ポリクオタニウム-39、炭酸水素Na、フェノキシエタノール、香料

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5 Comments on Biore Bubble Cream Makeup Remover

  1. Do you have their other variant of this that doesn’t need to be rubbed on the skin? I heard you just have to press it into the skin and the makeup melts away. It has the same bottle but different labels.

  2. Why are there so many new products launching that don’t contain any parabens? :/ I was under the impression that fearmongering about parabens didn’t really exist in Japan…

    • No more than previous years, really. It’s like “alcohol-free” and “sulfate-free”. The market for “paraben-free” has existed for years. It isn’t a new or growing concept in Japan.

        • Yes, I feel the majority of the public don’t avoid (or “fear”) paraben. It has never really been a trending topic (unlike silicone-free shampoos). It’s a bonus if a product happens to be paraben-free but it isn’t a top deciding factor.

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